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Pulverized Coal Burner for Kiln

  The burner is an important burning system equipment. The proper design of the burner plays an important role in the operation and stability of the rotary kiln system.

  The pulverized coal burner used in LSN muti-channels kiln has fast ignition. It also adapts to different characteristics of anthracite coal, inferior coal and bituminous coal. The velocity and angle of pulverized coal ejection are adjusted,then a negative pressure zone is formed in the central region of the burner. It can promote the full mixing of high temperature secondary air and pulverized coal. The temperature of pulverized coal rises rapidly,and eventually reaches the ignition temperature and then burns. When the secondary air temperature is low or the kiln is firstly ignited, the burner can quickly help the rotary kiln to reach the normal operating level.

  LSN multi-channel pulverized coal burner has a variety of regulating means. It has the axial movement of the swirl air channel and the different flow patterns of swirl, DC air. The outlet flow air can be adjusted slightly but has strong thrust so that it can adapt to any working conditions of the shape of the flame.

Kiln Pulverized Coal Burner

Structure design features:

  1、Precise and reliable aerodynamic parameter design.

  2、The nozzle structure of external direct current tuyere is composed of high discrete nozzles.

  3、High efficiency hydrocyclone structure is adopted.

  4、Low primary air speed and low NOx emission.

  5、The flame adjustment is flexible and convenient.

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