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Environmental Protection

        Jiangsu Lvssn also conducts professional and practical environmental protection research.  Industrial desulfuration, deNOx, dedusting, Carbon dioxide capture, solid waste process are harmoniously integrated in Lvssn’s projects. Especially in SNCR method of deNOx field, Jiangsu Lvssn has consistently provided a number of very high quality of EPC construction projects, modification project , spare part support project and technical services.
        In Jiangsu Lvssn’s deNOx project,our engineers have promoted our ammonia solution in our EPC project and some customized modification. Beside this method, Jiangsu Lvssn owns another technology which is developed in co-operation with Jiangsu building materials research institute. It has adopted staged-combustion to depress the formation of NOx .

Since Jiangsu Lvssn has many years practical experience in cement production line, our talented engineers has our unique innovation of SNCR nozzles design, which are able to fit cement production’s large deNOx gas with high temperature, fast flow speed and high dust content features.


Our LVSN-2 type nozzle owns the special designed nozzles to fit SNCR method deNOx process. It has demonstrated its excellent high efficient performances in our cement production lines with various types to fit different project. 



Our highlight features:


Nozzle: In one SNCR deNOx modification project, the original nozzles were replaced by LVSN-2 type nozzle. Reductive agent’s coverage is enlarged.

SNCR project modification: precise analysis of temperature, relocation of the reductive agent’s spraying points, integrated deNOx system are 3 highlights of our modification

Auto-control system’s upgrades: equipped with our latest auto-control system specially designed for deNOx process. It is able to estimate ammonium consumption, adjust the amount of reductive agent and accurately control the spraying module


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