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Solid Waste Treatment and alternative fuel technology

Jiangsu Lvssn’s co-process of waste treatment in cement industry has introduced the most advanced technologies in Europe and our special designs in accordance with Chinese garbage’s characteristic. Jiangsu Lvssn uses our own treatment method to do the pre-crushing process to toward the garbage to classify useful mental material first. Then, the remaining waste is delivered to decomposing chamber to burn.

Jiangsu Lvssn owns a first-class experts team in this field. They have witnessed this technology’s growth in China with their many years’ practical experience.

Jiangsu Lvssn values the practical and actual demands in cement industries. All our technologies are based on the premises that clinker’s quality is ensured. Our widely co-operation with universities and scientific institutes has successfully generated abundant economic outcomes.

Lvssn’s New contribution for environment protection in cement industry---Co-process waste treatment technology .


  • {C}{C}{C}Significantly Reduce Dioxin emission
  • Integrated design of furnace and chamber
  • Able to process without pre-selection
  • Select out useful garbage
  • Fully processed garbage without polluted discharging
Jiangsu Lvssn is professional in waste co-process treatment technological in cement industry. We are able to provide proven solution to process municipal and industrial waste as alternative fuels.

Core business:

Harmless treatment of industrial and municipal waste and sludge,

Dangerous waste management service and logistic service,

Multipurpose use of waste and other technical consulting service.

Project design service in co-process treatment of waste


Operational management

Trusteeship operation

EPC project

Technical counselling

Co-process treatment project can frequently attract third-party investment.

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