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Lvssn Separator

The Lvssn separator has a hierarchical superior performance, as follows:
1)powder selecting efficiency is high, can reach more than 80%;
2)grinding system energy saving and production increasing, the same specifications mill,compared with traditional powder selecting machine, can be increased by 20 ~ 30%, 10 ~ 15%and lowers the power consumption of unit product;
3)the fineness of convenient adjustment (air quantity and spindle speed), wide regulating range;
4)the host unit volume of large processing capacity, compact structure, in the sameproduction capacity, the host size only traditional powder selecting machine from 1/2 to 1/5;
5)the system adopts full negative pressure operation, prevent the dust pollution, convenient maintenance;
6)the resistance of the system is smaller, more smooth process layout.
Lvssn powder selecting machine according to the structure is divided into horizontal Lvssn powder selecting machine, Lvssn high efficient energy saving combined type powder selecting machine.
Lvssn horizontal separator

Lvssn horizontal powder selecting machine of the driving device is arranged in the lower part, this structure makes the selected speed reducer, powder machine at the time of maintenance does not need to move, but also makes the drive system is far away from the high temperature environment, easy maintenance. Suitable for installation in narrow space.
Lvssn horizontal powder selecting machine is suitable to replace old powder selecting machine.Compared with the old powder selecting machine, Lvssn horizontal separator is not only more efficient and smaller volume, lighter.
Lvssn high efficient energy saving combined type powder selecting machine

1)the material into the powder selecting machine, after the initial separation, the main sortingand final separation of three powder selection stage, to make the material fully sorting. Mainconstituency using planar eddy current separation principle is currently the world's most advanced, with selected high efficiency of powder;
2)powder selecting machine itself to the high quality complete dispersion, sorting, separation,the whole process of collecting material. Therefore, process greatly grinding system is simplified, thereby reducing the investment cost of the equipment, civil engineering etc.;
3)powder selecting machine within the easy wear area are taken anti abrasion measures,wear-resistant materials superior wear resistance, so as to ensure the powder selectingmachine has long service life, and can greatly save the time and cost of repair;
4)powder separating efficiency of the separator is high, cyclic loading system, therefore, cangreatly improve the grinding condition of mill, which makes the system into a virtuous cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing production and saving energy.

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