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Roller Press

roller press introduce:
roller press is our company based on the introduction of Germany, absorption of roller press on advanced technology, combined with the advantages of Humboldt and polysius roller press grinding equipment, solid materials are the most reliable developed, suitable forcompressive strength less than 300Mpa, the solid material moisture less than 30% of the fineand crushing operations, can be widely used in cement, mining, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries.
roller press configuration two solid crushing roller, roller surface surfacing of roller surfaceor stud roller surface, suitable for feed grain size is less than 40mm, finished product sizerequirements of 4- 15mm following finely homework. As the cement industry mill pre brokencement clinker, limestone and composite material; pre crushing grinding steel slag, iron ore,iron ore industry into silicon brick factory; crushing various ores do unburned brick; or with thesimilar break occasions.

product characteristics:
in the process of grinding system in the use of high-pressure roller mill, can improve theproduction efficiency of the whole system from 20% to 30%. Can make the total energy consumption of grinding system than the traditional grinding method reduces from 25 to 50%.
this product is equipped with sealing roller cover, diffusion can strictly control the harmful dust, create a good production environment.
has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, high reliability, operationrate up to about 95%.
the product of low energy consumption, low pollution, is in response to the national energy-saving emission reduction, low carbon environmental protection product series.

the scope of application:
loose material crushing, fine grinding and superfine grinding.
mineral processing industry, can be arranged in the ball mill before, can be used as pre grinding equipment, and can also be composed of mixed grinding ball mill system.
oxidized pellet industry, damp mill can replace the commonly used.
building materials, refractories and other industries, is currently in the cement clinker,limestone, bauxite and other grinding were successfully applied.
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