Ceramic rotary kiln



Applicable materials:Ceramics limestone calcium carbonate carbon and various metal ores.



For the processing of ceramics the calcination process is generally used and the equipment to complete the calcination operation is the rotary kiln in which the ceramic rotary kiln is a more functional and more exquisite type of equipment.

The rotary kiln is composed of gas flow fuel combustion heat transfer and material movement. The rotary kiln is how the fuel can be fully burned and the heat of fuel combustion can be effectively transferred to the material. After the material receives the heat a series of physical and chemical changes take place and finally the finished clinker is formed.
    1.High output is its advantage over other devices and if the user has strict requirements in terms of production it is your choice.
    2.The equipment uses a high-quality motor as its starting component which reduces the start-up time of the equipment and improves the comprehensive utilization rate of the equipment.
    3.After years of research the Red Star machine has made a greater breakthrough and progress in noise suppression and then the equipment has achieved a noise-free working mode.

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Active lime is produced from limestone dolomite chalk and other minerals with high calcium carbonate content by the calcination process under the temperature of 1000-1100 ° C. There are various processes for the active lime production mainly

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