Coal dryer


Applicable materials:Washed coal fine coal mixed coal pulverized coal and etc.



based on the principle of dryer and the concept of large amount of energy saving coal dryer is a modern high-performance energy-saving dryer with high efficiency optimized copying board and reasonable cylinder.

The heat source of the coal dryer is divided into a hot blast stove a fan a hot cylinder and so on. The whole machine is composed of air intake and discharge devices feed and discharge devices and the main components of the processing operation such as the cylinder body and so on. First of all the material is transported to the feed end. Due to gravity the cylinder body is placed as a slightly inclined device when the overall foundation is made which will move slowly to the discharge end with the rotation of the cylinder body. In the process of weighing will encounter the lift copy board the lift copy board will copy up the material thus increasing the contact surface area of coal according to the principle of heat exchange to carry out continuous alternating operation to the discharge port the use of hot air is pumped out of the fan the material is discharged from the bottom.
    1.High thermal efficiency and low drying cost
    The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of dispersed materials reduces the adhesion of the inner wall of the cylinder increases the heat exchange area and improves the drying efficiency. The operation parameters can be changed according to different materials and the frequency conversion speed regulation control is adopted in the whole drying system so that the heat exchange of materials in the dryer is more sufficient and the coal consumption and power consumption are reduced by more than 20% and 25% compared with the general dryer. From the process of feeding to discharging the coal dryer runs fully sealed to prevent cold air from entering the system improve the utilization rate of heat source and ensure the qualified and stable product quality after drying.
    2.Reliable operation and good stability
    The new feeding and discharging device eliminates the phenomena of feeding blockage discontinuity non-uniformity and return of the dryer. The dryer adopts the "center-adjusting tugboat device" which makes the tugboat and the roller always have linear contact which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption.
    3.Heat source is widely used and environmental protection
    Coal oil and liquefied gas can be used as fuel. According to material requirements and local natural advantages improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

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