Pulverized Coal Burner for Kiln

Fixed carbon content:0.1%

Kiln Type:Φ1.9-Φ4

Fractional energy saving:15-30%



The burner is an important burning system equipment. The proper design of the burner plays an important role in the operation and stability of the rotary kiln system.

Pulverized coal burner has specially designed multi - stage multi - nozzle air supply guide structure can be in a short timeSpecial pulverized coal burner for rotary kilnSpecial pulverized coal burner for rotary kilnMake pulverized coal produce high temperature eddy current have combustion complete heat utilization rate is high eliminate smoke and dust efficient energy saving improve working conditions reduce labor intensity and other advantages is the ideal product of energy saving and environmental protection.
High efficiency pulverized coal combustion technology and low NOx combustion technology are mutually contradictory.Reducing NOx generation and emission is basically to control the temperature of combustion area should not be too high but low temperature combustion affects the combustion rate of coal the purpose is to coordinate the application of these two technologies to achieve the comprehensive best effect in fact the whole process of coal combustion is required to control.It can not only ensure the stability of pulverized coal ignition but also have low combustion temperature and long enough combustion time at a certain temperature to ensure the burnout.
    Structure design features:
    1、Precise and reliable aerodynamic parameter design.
    2、The nozzle structure of external direct current tuyere is composed of high discrete nozzles.
    3、High efficiency hydrocyclone structure is adopted.
    4、Low primary air speed and low NOx emission.
    5、The flame adjustment is flexible and convenient.

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