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10000t/d Cement Clinker Production Line

2018-12-21 15:17


Cement clinker making plant we use in this whole production line are vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cement ball mill, lifer, preheating system, cement rotary kiln and packing machine and so on. All the Cement equipments in this line can be provided by our factory.

【Application Range】:building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.

【Production Capacity】:customized according to process requirements.

【Device Configuration】:Plate Feeding Machine、Cement Clinker Rotary Kiln、Conveyor、clinker cooler and so on.

Cement Clinker Production Line

The cement clinker making plant we use in this whole production line includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cement ball mill, lifer, preheating system, cement rotary kiln and packing machine and so on. All the Cement equipment in this line can be provided by our factory.

Brief Overview of Cement Making Line

The cement clinker manufacturing process consists of raw material grinding, blending, pre-calcining, clinker burning and cement grinding. In short, limestone and other materials containing calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron oxides are crushed and ground into a raw meal. This raw meal is blended and then heated in the pre-heating system (cyclones) to start the dissociation of calcium carbonate to oxide. The meal goes further into the kiln for heating and reaction between calcium oxide and other elements to form calcium silicates and aluminates at t a temperature up to 1450 cent degree: so called clinker burning. The cyclone system is attached to the rotary kiln by a riser duct. Secondary fuel is fed to the riser duct, the main fuel mixture, coal/petcock, fires the kiln. Reaction products leave the kiln as a nodular material called clinker. The clinker will be underground with gypsum and other materials to cement.

After shipping the cement machinery to destination, if you need any help in the installation of all the cement plant, we can send our engineers to help to settle the whole line!

Main Cement Equipment in 10000t/d Cement Clinker Production Line--Cement Mill

Cement clinker mill could be the main equipment in 10000t/d Cement Clinker Production Line or cement clinker processing plants in cement market. In cement quarries, you’ll be able to see cement clinker mill operating with cement clinker crusher as well as other cement equipment for 10000t/d Cement Clinker Production Lines.

Introduction to Cement Clinker

The cement clinker uses limestone and clay iron raw materials as the primary raw supplies based on an proper proportion of preparing raw, cooked to some or all the molten, and upon cooling and semi-finished products. Within the cement industry, the most typical silicate cement clinker major chemical composition of calcium oxide, silicon dioxide along with a smaller quantity of aluminum oxide and ferric oxide. Silicate cements clinker with right amount gesso common ground, i.e. Portland cement.

Cement Clinker Mill

In the cement raw mill plant, we use cement vertical grinding mill and ball mill for cement clinker further grinding. At this stage, vertical cement clinker mill works by employing the pressure of cylinder leakage to break the materials; cement ball clinker mill is dependent on the steel ball grinding upon supplies. Jiangsu Lvsen cement clinker grinding equipment functions with greater capacity and saves energy greatly by working with an electrical automation system which optimizes the grinding process.

Apart inside the raw mill plant, cement ball clinker mill is also widely applied within the clinker grinding approach. Here the cement clinker is grinded into fine powder together with other raw supplies, for example gypsum.

According to the cement clinker grinding procedure, Jiangsu Lvsen Cement, as a professional cement clinker mill manufacturer, can supply you cement ball clinker mill, Raymond cement clinker mill, vertical cement clinker mill, trapezium cement clinker mill and so on.




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