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Factors of hammer head wear in hammer crusher

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1. Influence of linear velocity

Linear velocity is a working parameter that affects the abrasion of hammer head. The linear velocity directly affects the impact energy of hammer head on materials, the crushing ratio and the particle size of products. In addition, excessive linear velocity may also lead to a sharp increase in hammer head abrasion, which is caused by excessive linear velocity, materials cannot enter the impact zone, and hammer head end is caused by severe wear.

2. Influence of processing capacity and discharge clearance

The processing capacity of the equipment also has a certain impact on the hammer head abrasion. When the processing capacity increases, the product particle size will become coarse, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit abrasion of the hammer head will also decrease. Similarly, changing the size of discharge clearance can also change the size of product granularity to some extent, so it has a certain impact on hammer head abrasion.

3. The influence of the nature of the material to be broken

The impact of the material to be broken on the hammer head abrasion includes: the nature of the material, the size of feeding particle size and water content, etc.

4. Improper operation

Because the hammer head is often broken, the maintainer has to replace the hammer head with a larger workload and labor intensity. Therefore, after the new hammer head is installed, the machine is not stopped in time for inspection, which makes the bolt loose and not tightened in time. Therefore, the hammer head wear is accelerated.

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