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Principle of vertical mill hydraulic station

The mechanical engineer of jiangsu lvsen company---richard, introduced the working principle of vertical mill.
vertical mill hydraulic station
Vertical mill hydraulic station is a vertical mill roller pressure hydraulic station, mainly used for vertical mill roller pressure cylinder and maintenance cylinder pressure and movement direction control, vertical mill hydraulic station is mainly composed of oil tank, pump generator set, hydraulic control valve group, oil filter, hydraulic tubing and hydraulic meter.
Motor through coupling drive gear pump through a filter inside the fuel tank of oil absorption, gear pump output pressure by the high pressure oil pipe into the valve block, into the control valve block of high pressure oil after pressure filter all the way into the mouth of the proportional relief valve, the role of the proportional relief valve is through proportional amplifier remote control hydraulic stand work pressure.
The high pressure oil into the mouth of the electromagnetic directional valve, all the way from the electromagnetic directional valve mouth come out into the hydraulic controlled check valve, through the electromagnetic valve, control valve block exports through high pressure oil pipe into the valve, after plate type ball valve, through hydraulic system into the main oil cylinder rod chamber and the accumulator, the roller under the pull of the main oil cylinder piston rod began to work.

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