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Determine nitrogen balloon status

The mechanical engineer of jiangsu lvsen company---richard, introduced determine nitrogen balloon status.
It is very important to quickly and accurately judge the quality of nitrogen air bag in the process of vertical mill production. The simplest diagnosis method is to rely on the accumulated experience of operators and the help of simple instruments, through "touch", "test" and "see" three methods for analysis and diagnosis, to identify the cause and location of the fault.
"Touch" is to judge the nitrogen air bag by touching the accumulator shell temperature. If the hand touches the accumulator shell temperature close to the oil temperature, the accumulator works normally. If the temperature is obviously high or low, and the accumulator is accompanied by percussion sound at the bottom, it indicates that the accumulator has been damaged. After the nitrogen air bag is damaged, the accumulator will not play the role of shock absorber. Therefore, it is necessary to timely repair the damaged accumulator and replace the air bag or one-way valve.
"Test" is to install a pressure gauge on the valve mouth of the accumulator for testing and judgment after the hydraulic station decompresses under the stop state of vertical grinding. If the pressure gauge shows low or no pressure, the accumulator is damaged. If the pressure is close to the normal pressure of the nitrogen balloon, the accumulator is intact.
"See" is to observe whether the lifting or pressurizing time of the grinding roller is normal on site. If the lifting or pressurizing time of the grinding roller is significantly prolonged, it indicates that the accumulator nitrogen air bag is damaged.
Jiangsu lvssn company has rich experience in maintaining cement production equipment. It has good technology in operation and management of crusher, preheater, vertical mill, roller press, grate cooler and other core cement equipment.
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