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Performance characteristics of Lvssn Vertical Mill

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  Lvssn technology plays a decisive role in China's cement industry. Jiangsu lvssn has an independent scientific research team, which has developed many advanced engineering equipment. For example, some products such as vertical mill have many improvements and supports

  1. The relative sliding difference between the grinding disc and the grinding roller is small, thus allowing the grinding stone to rotate at a faster speed and the working pressure of the grinding roller to be higher, so that the output is higher than that of other types of grinding rollers under the same specifications.

  2. Simultaneous drying, grinding and powder selection of materials, simple process flow and low noise

  3. It is suitable for wind sweeping and partial material external circulation system, the latter can greatly reduce the ventilation power consumption of the system.

  4. The inner ventilation ring gap can be flexibly adjusted according to the distribution of the material on the disc surface to reduce the ventilation resistance and reduce the power consumption.

  5. For the four-roller vertical mill, the grinding roller can press the roller separately or the four rollers at the same time to adapt to the change of the material bed. If the roller is separately pressurized, different working pressures can be used to make the work. The pair of grinding rolls with less pressure has the dual function of preparing the material bed and the grinding powder, which plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the material bed when the roller grinding material is more difficult to grind under a higher working pressure.

  6. The grinding roller can be automatically lifted to achieve no-load starting to reduce the starting torque of the motor.

  7. Roller grinding can be turned out of the casing by turning the roller cylinder for maintenance.

  8. Built-in high-efficiency cage type powder sorting machine, the fineness of adjustment is sensitive, the load is strong, and the powder selection efficiency can reach more than 90%.

  9. Low operating and maintenance costs.

  10, less investment at a time

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