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The reason why the impact crusher produces noise in the grav

  The impact crusher is one kind of crusher, but the counterattack crusher is easy to produce noise when working in the sand and stone production line. What's the reason? Lvssn's sandy brings you to know the reason for this kind of detail.

  1, the vibration of the machine itself

  As the crusher equipment is in operation, it is necessary to drive the hammer head by the belt conveyor, and then complete the crushing of the material, the sound of the hammer head swinging back and forth will produce the vibration, which is unavoidable vibration, so during the processing of the equipment, improve Machining and assembly accuracy to reduce noise from machine failure

  2, the noise generated by machine failure

  Machine failure can lead to additional noise. For example, if the belt is deflected, it will cause the belt to hit the sound. For example, there is a problem with the discharge, too much stone hits the noise generated by the crusher, and the machine foundation drops, causing the machine to resonate. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, the machine parts are regularly inspected, and problems are solved in time because more noise is generated due to machine failure.

  3. Noise generated during the propagation process

  When arranging in the plant area, it should be carried out according to a reasonable layout. The main noise source workshops or installations should be kept away from the quietly required workshops, laboratories, offices, etc., or the high-noise equipment should be concentrated as much as possible for control, taking into account the production plant area. Various factors such as topography and wind direction, and a variety of noise barriers, such as sound insulation walls and wood isolation belts, etc.

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