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Cement plant preheater, pay attention to this problem!

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Jiangsu lvsen cement mechanical department for you to introduce the preheater matters needing attention The raw material storage time is long, the water is large, and the looseness is poor; the feeding bin is arched, and sometimes there is no raw material in the feeding machine; the screw feeding machine is unstable in rotation speed, which causes uneven feeding and the like, and is likely to cause collapse. This is because it is difficult to stabilize the thermal system of the pre-decomposition system because of the amount of raw material fed. When the feed amount is small, the amount of raw material suspended in the hot gas flow is reduced, and the heat released by the fuel combustion cannot be mostly absorbed by the raw material, and the local high temperature is easily adhered to the wall surface of the cyclone, the cone and the discharge pipe, and the like. Form a crust. When the feed amount is large and the system pipe wind speed is insufficient to blow the raw material, the raw material cannot be uniformly dispersed and suspended in the gas flow, which not only reduces the heat transfer efficiency, but also easily causes the raw material to accumulate and collapse. In addition, the feeding amount is high and low, so that the temperature of the raw material into the kiln, the decomposition rate, and the material loading rate in the kiln have large fluctuations. The kiln clinker is not raw or over-fired, and the operator is on the wind, coal, and material. The relationship between the speed and the kiln speed is difficult to grasp, the thermal balance of the system is destroyed, and it is easy to cause collapse, crust, and blockage.

At the same time, he pointed out that timely maintenance of cement production line equipment and timely replacement of spare parts are also very important factors to ensure daily production.

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