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WCA welcomes Sinoma International Engineering, China

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  London, 11 April 2018 – The World Cement Association announced today that Sinoma Engineering has joined its fast-growing membership as Associate Corporate Member. Its members hail from all areas of the cement ecosystem and span 35 countries.

  “We are delighted that Sinoma Engineering is joining the WCA as we are eager to work with all stakeholders in the industry, not just cement producers alone,” said Norman Greig, Secretary General of the World Cement Association. “The insights Sinoma Engineering will be able to share with our diverse membership will offer a different context and perspective on the challenges and opportunities our industry is facing.”

  Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Beijing. The company is engaged in engineering construction, distributing their products and services within the domestic market as well as to overseas markets.

  The business also covers equipment manufacturing such as grinding and firing equipment, as well as energy-saving equipment. Additionally, Sinoma Engineering also offers environmental and photovoltaic engineering services.

  “Partnerships with organisations across the industry has been key in fuelling our growth and we value very highly the exchange of ideas and cooperation with other stakeholders. The WCA is a platform that facilitates dialog and sharing among stakeholders in the cement industry, making an invaluable contribution to its sustainable development, and we look forward to working with the WCA members,” said Song Shoushun, chairman of Sinoma International Engineering.

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