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President of Egypt: Praise China Cement for Powering Egypt’

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  Among the Gobi deserts, about 120 kilometers from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, tall buildings are particularly eye-catching. The five-square-kilometer complex is home to the Beni Suweifu clinker production line in Egypt. The project was completed and put into operation in August this year. It has six cement production lines within a daily output of 6,000 tons and is the largest cement industry cluster in Egypt. Sinoma International Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute Co.,Ltd (referred to as Chengdu Building Materials Institute) is the project contractor.

  In recent years, Egypt has launched a series of large-scale national engineering construction projects, and many infrastructure constructions requires a large amount of cement. The commissioning of the project can effectively alleviate the shortage of cement supply in the Egyptian market. Egyptian President Seyce said at the ceremony that “the project will create more jobs and provide impetus for the economic development of Egypt”.

  Egypt attaches great importance to the construction of the project. In May 2016, Sethi met with key members of the Chinese team and finalized all key details on behalf of Egypt. He said that this is a national key project in Egypt and the Egyptian people are full of expectations.

  In December 2017, the project No. 4 took the lead in a one-time ignition success. “The 18-month construction speed is very rare in the overseas cement construction industry” Liu Xiaoning, deputy general manager of Chengdu Building Materials Institute, said that it takes at least two years to build a single cement production line of the same size overseas, let alone in the desert. New 6 modern cement production lines.

  The project site is located in the desert, the temperature is up to 45 degrees Celsius all the year round, and the room temperature in some construction areas is up to 70 degrees Celsius. ”Democratic construction can be done with rubber-bottomed liberation shoes, but here, the rubber sole of the liberation shoes will melt soon”. Liu Xiaoning said that sandstorms often occur in the afternoon, and the project side is specially equipped with thick labor insurance products for workers.

  Construction workers from China and Egypt fought together for the first line. In 18 months, they completed the construction of a total of 400,000 cubic meters of structural concrete, over 3 million cubic meters of earth and stone excavation and backfilling. During the construction period, all civil works and partial installation work were carried out in cooperation with local Egyptian enterprises, and a large number of local employees were employed, creating more than 10,000 jobs for the locality. Nearly 2, 000 employees were directly employed after the project was put into production. “The employment created by the project directly benefits tens of thousands of families in Egypt”. Sethi once said.

  The successful commission of the project has provided strong support for infrastructure construction in Egypt. The Egyptian newspaper reported that the market price of cement produced locally per ton of Egypt is about 1,300 angstroms (1 Yuan is about 2.6 angstroms). After the project is put into production, with the increase in the supply of cement in Egypt, every ton of cement price are expected to fall to between 900 and 1,000.

  In addition, in terms of environmental protection, the project is built in accordance with internationally recognized industrial standards. “Thanks to Chinese friends for building a green cement factory for us to fill the gap in cement supply!”. The quality of the project was completed and the Egyptian owners were full of praise.

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