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Crusher maintenance in winter introduction

  In stone production, crusher is the most commonly used equipment, coarse, fine and stone plastic all need to use it! In the process of using this machine, due to the larger friction and gravity, the wear to the equipment is relatively large. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and continuous production, we must first ensure the normal operation of the machine and do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crusher. Especially winter maintenance work!

  Global Crusher net to share with you: bearing, lubrication system is the key part of crusher equipment, must be as the crusher winter maintenance focus, can not be ignored.

  1. Bearing maintenance

  In the production of crushing and grinding, the bearings of crusher are most easily damaged because of wear and tear. Therefore, in use, attention must be paid to maintenance, often refueling, prolonging the service life of bearings, saving repair and replacement costs.

  2. Lubrication system maintenance

  Regular attention and timely lubrication of friction surfaces can ensure the normal operation of the crusher and prolong the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the maintenance of the wetting system can not be ignored. Maintenance details are as follows: grease added into the bearing seat shall be 50 to 70 of volume and must be replaced every three months; clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to carefully clean the runway of bearing roller when changing oil; When the elbow is in contact with the pad, the crusher must be lubricated before moving.

  3. Daily maintenance

  In addition to the maintenance of important parts such as the bearing, the lubricating system and other important parts, the daily maintenance of the crusher equipment is also necessary. During the day-to-day production, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance, to properly handle the relationship between the use, maintenance and maintenance, and to ensure that the crusher is always in a good performance state, and can be put into operation at any time, and the fault shutdown time can be reduced, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged, so that the continuous and effective production of the equipment is ensured, the production rate can be improved, and the final purpose of cost input is reduced.
Crusher maintenance

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