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Application and Classification of Crusher

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  Now, due to the continuous updating of technology, the types of crusher is also more and more. Some crushers are used in primary crushing of stone, while others are used in secondary crushing. Different crushers have different uses. Only the right crusher equipment can double the production efficiency. Let's introduce the type of crusher that we often see.

  For the material of the first break, that is, the first-class crushing, it uses less crusher equipment. Jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used first-class crushing equipment in mine industry.

  Jaw crusher is used for crushing any ore and bulk material with compressive strength not exceeding 320Mpa. It is an equipment for coarse breaking of materials in industrial crushing production line sand making production line and grinding production line.

  For two-stage crushing of materials, the crusher can be used relatively more. Such as counter-attack crusher, cone crusher and so on.

  The reverse-impact crusher is a kind of high-efficiency crusher equipment, which uses the impact action to carry out secondary crushing operation on the material. in the production design, the anti-impact crusher adopts advanced manufacturing technology, can be used for crushing various coarse, medium and fine raw materials with the particle size of not more than 500mm and the compressive strength of not more than 350MPa, The energy, transportation, energy, cement, mine, chemical industry and other industries are used for fine-crushing materials.

  cone crusher

  Cone crusher is also a kind of two-stage crusher, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, good wear resistance, low failure rate and long service life. Cone crusher is often used in cement, chemical industry, construction, road construction, ore, energy and other fields.

  The invention also relates to a mobile crushing station, which is characterized in that the crushing equipment on the mobile crushing station can be properly replaced and assembled according to the actual requirements of the user, So once it's available, it's time for users to be in the same favor.

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