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Under the curtain of environmental protection, the environme

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In the face of more and more dilemma of production capacity, how can the cement industry resolve overcapacity? In the case that the fundamental technology cannot achieve a qualitative leap in the short term, it is the most appropriate choice to promote the industry to de-capacity according to the enterprise emission level standard.

Environmentally friendly production capacity arrow is in the industry

    In the face of discussions in the industry, relevant authorities have gradually adjusted the cement peak-stricken policy in light of the actual situation, and formulated a differentiated peak policy based on the “one size fits all” policy in the past. Recently, Hebei issued the “Guidelines for the Evaluation of Production Performance Evaluation of Different Peaks in Autumn and Winter in Hebei Province” (hereinafter referred to as “Guideline Opinions”), which is intended to carry out the performance evaluation of the differential peak production in autumn and winter for key industries such as cement and steel. Formulate differentiated peaks and limits production policies. This is the first time that a place has decided to implement differentiated peak production in the form of a document.
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment subsequently forwarded the “Guidance Opinions” and said to the provincial environmental protection departments, please carefully study and learn from the practices of Hebei Province. It is foreseeable that in the future, local governments will concentrate on issuing a batch of ban on “One size fits all” and promote differentiation. Documents and measures for peak production. This is not only an affirmation of the practice in Hebei, but also a promotion of the “wrong peak production 2.0 era” brought about by this. The “one size fits all” type of peak policy is about to become history.

Energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent industry development trend

    Under the social consensus that “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”, the cement industry is undoubtedly the first to bear the brunt of improving environmental protection standards. In particular, dust, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emission standards have tightened significantly, and the expectation of environmental protection to go to protection boots has been rising. It is i
   Li Haibo, Xi’an West Mine Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd., which dominated the Hongchang Cement Project, introduced in detail the Hongchang Cement denitrification ultro-low emission process route, and used specific data to demonstrate the effect of Hongchang Cement denitration operation. In addition to Li Haibo, Tianjin Chaoyang Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd. Yang Peisen, Henan Zhongcai Environmental Protection CO., Ltd. Li Guiting and other experts in the field of nitrogen oxide have proposed their own methods and products.
   In terms of intelligent transformation, domestic cement companies are continuing to push forward under the current high profit level. Chen Ciming, deputy chief engineer of Guangdong Tower Group, said that Tata Group attaches great importance to technological progress and actively introduces advanced, mature and reliable intelligent technologies in the market. Through the application of effective information technology and intelligent technology. It will create an industry with characteristics of cement plants. The Internet platform gradually transforms traditional cement production into intelligent production, and introduces five intelligent technologies: mfa model-free adaptive control technology and online analysis technology---cross-brand raw material online analyzer, online analytical technology—particle size analyzer.

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