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The noise produced by the kiln's head and the kiln's tail.

  When the kiln head is bent, the cold air cover of the kiln head will interfere with the kiln door cover, and the friction sound of the kiln door cover will be emitted, and if it is serious, it will also emit a screech. When the kiln head tube is more serious, the kiln head barrel will experience that the kiln door cover will be provoked to make a loud noise. The reason is generally caused by the tube deformation bending, that is, the kiln head cylinder radial runout is too large.

  Most of the reasons of bending are due to improper kiln stopping or uneven collapse of the kiln skin, which results in the bending deformation of the cylinder. If the kiln is stopped for a period of time, it will be eliminated naturally after the tube is straightened out. If the temperature of the shell is not uniform, it is necessary to repair the kiln skin in time, so that the temperature of the barrel will be the same as that of the cylinder, and the interference noise will disappear naturally.

  I would like to remind you that if the problem is serious, we should deal with the interference parts, such as eliminating the interference parts, and after the kiln returns to normal, we should carry out restorative treatment. We should not make a hard turn, we should seriously evaluate, otherwise it will cause harm to the barrel and the kiln door cover. It also causes damage to transmission and power. For kiln tails, a similar situation may arise and can be handled in the same way.

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