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The sound of a rotary kiln inside a large tile tank

Sometimes there is a sound in the tank, most of which are caused by the loosening or deformation of the oil spoon and the interference collision with the oil distribution plate frame and the box body. At this time, the kiln should be stopped to deal with, fasten or correct the oil ladle, otherwise it will result in the damage of the oil distribution plate and oil ladle.
There is also a case where the spherical tile makes a strange noise, and the boom is spaced off, and at the same time it is accompanied by a larger vibration, which basically corresponds to a fixed position of the kiln and is generally caused by the bending of the kiln. Most of them are due to the cold and heat of the tube near the wheel belt, which results in the spherical tile being light and heavy when acting on the force, the neck is larger and the noise is loud. If no interference is checked at this time, the temperature of the cylinder should be checked to see if there is a big difference in the temperature of the cylinder. If so, The kiln skin should be repaired or eliminated as soon as possible, so that the temperature of the cylinder body tends to be the same and the temperature difference is reduced.
Here is also a special reminder, if the other checks are normal, check the wheel, roller and axle, because the wheel, shaft cracks, spalling will also have the same effect, but the probability is very small, and can not be careless.
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