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The sealing of the tail of the kiln can not cause the leakag

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Rotary kiln sealing device, whether kiln head seal or kiln tail seal, plays a sealing role between fixed parts and rotary parts in the firing system. The firing system is a thermal environment. Taking the kiln tail as an example, there are not only high temperature, high dust, negative pressure technology environment, but also complex activities such as rotary, swing, axial movement and so on, and the ellipse is inevitable in the process of use. Bending, etc. In the process of rotation, there are three dimensional clearance between the rotating parts and the fixed parts, which are continuously changing in axial, radial and toroidal directions. When the sealing device is not good, there will be cold air coming in, thus increasing the exhaust gas volume of the system and reducing the reasonable amount of exhaust gas. The effective throughput of the flue gas under conditions increases the heat consumption of the system. the instability of the air leakage, the leakage of ash and the operation of the process leads to the reduction of the yield and the reduction of the quality, brings unnecessary economic loss to the enterprise, and increases the production cost.
To solve the leakage of material, first to solve the air leakage. Nowadays, flexible structure is used in the seal of kiln, which can effectively solve the problems of deformation, deflection and eccentricity of rotary kiln at high temperature. Therefore, the sealing material must be high elastic and high temperature resistant, and the mechanical properties can be maintained when the kiln end temperature reaches 1000 ℃, so as to ensure good sealing effect.
The kiln tail seal is an important part of the rotary kiln. It lies between the rotary kiln and the stationary preheater in both circumferential and axial direction. The purpose of the seal is to isolate the environment of the kiln from the outside world. To prevent the inhalation of cold air outside the kiln and the leakage of materials out of the kiln. The unreasonable seal of kiln tail will cause high heat consumption, increase production cost and pollute the environment.
The sealing effect of the kiln tail is poor. When the kiln tail material is full, a large number of materials are extruded from the sealing place, which not only causes serious pollution to the field environment, but also increases the labor intensity of the workers. The second reason is that a large amount of ash is extruded from the sealing place. The seal ring is often squeezed and broken, which results in the cold air entering the kiln system from the back end of the kiln, disrupting the thermal system in the kiln, causing the lower temperature of the kiln tail, affecting the normal calcinations, the output and the quality fluctuating greatly.
Therefore, in the kiln tail sealing work, we should pay attention to observe the situation of each component, whether there are stuck, slit, ash leakage and other phenomena. If there should be immediate adjustment, so as not to form a vicious circle.

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