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Selection of kiln bricks

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  a. The choice of refractory brick in kiln # 1 is to use high alumina brick after 35 m, to use high alumina brick in cooling zone at outlet, to use magnesia chrome brick or spinel brick in other places. # 2 kiln to use high aluminum brick after 43m, Magnesia chrome brick or spinel brick is used elsewhere. # 3 kiln uses high alumina brick after 35m, and magnesia chrome brick or spinel brick is used elsewhere. Use refractory mud in the # 3 kiln outlet cooling zone. In order to avoid excessive heat efflux, the kiln shell is subjected to large mechanical stress due to thermal expansion in the vicinity of the tire ring. The fire brick here is made of two layers of high-alumina brick and protective layer brick.

  b. Selection of Refractory bricks in the cooler: the temperature of the clinker in the front section and the back section is different, the temperature in the front section is higher, and the temperature in the latter section is lower. The refractory bricks used are also different. In the front section, the main use of high-alumina brick and insulation brick superposition, the latter section is mainly used insulation brick. In the cooler, contact with the layer friction, refractory brick by high temperature and friction more severe, refractory brick quality requirements more stringent.

  c. The main refractories used in preheater are insulating bricks and castable mud of the same grade. In preheaters, refractories are required to be light, fire-resistant and fire-resistant. In preheaters, there is wear on the inner wall of the cyclone tube by air flow entrainment, especially at the bend of the duct or the direction of the wind. The bottom of the hammer of the cyclone also has deacidified high-temperature raw materials in contact with the wall of the cylinder. In the kiln gas riser and the third air pipe there is coal injection for the decomposition of carbonate in the preheater and the temperature is relatively high. The requirements of refractories here are more stringent.

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