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Method and step of replacing large Gear Ring in Rotary Kiln

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As the core part of power transmission, large gear ring is fixed on the cylinder of rotary kiln through spring plate, and driven by pinion gear to drive the rotary kiln to run stably and accurately. After running for several years, the tooth profile will be worn out, the running precision will become worse, and the vibration will be caused, which will not only harm the foundation, but also adversely affect the fire brick in the kiln. In order to ensure the good operation of the rotary kiln, it is necessary to use the large gear ring upside down or to replace it directly. In order to facilitate the replacement, the following methods and steps are included for the reference of the replacement.
1. Technical preparation before replacement. Carefully digest drawings and prepare construction plans including construction steps and process technical requirements.
2. Be material ready. Prepare all kinds of tools and materials according to construction plan.
3. Prepare the staff. Refer to the plan and prepare all personnel, including technical and mechanical workers.
4. After the new ring gear is cleaned according to the scheme, the item size shall be measured, and the records shall be made to repair and correct the detected discomfort.
5. After checking the dimensions of each part, the large gear ring should be pre-assembled, and the dimensions of each part should be measured before the next working procedure can be carried out.
6. After the kiln stops cooling, first remove the gear hood and put it in a safe place.
7. The oil marks are cleaned properly, and the radial and end runout of the large gear ring and the part cylinder are measured by opening slow drive, and the data records of the corresponding position are made.
8. The two joints of the old gear ring are transferred to a horizontal position, and the upper half of the ring is hoisted by a crane. After the inspection, the pin of the spring plate and the gear ring is removed, and the wear of the pin is checked to prepare the new pin. After removing the joint bolt and positioning pin, slowly lifting the upper gear ring from the scene.
9. Hoist the new half ring ready for connection with the lower half old gear set, including spring plate and ring, new and old ring joint bolts and pins.
10. Slow the kiln, turn the lower ring to the top, remove it in the same way and place it in the right place.
11. Hoist half of the new ring and connect it with the front ring.
12. After the new gear ring is installed, replace the worn spring plate and ring pin according to the preparation of the pin.
13. Start the slow drive, the gear ring radial runout, end surface runout measurement. The maximum runout is transferred to the meshing place of the pinion gear, and the tooth top clearance is measured. Ensure that the top clearance is 1 mm larger than the theoretical gap, the tooth width contact is not less than 70, and the tooth height contact is not less than 40 mm. And the large gear ring is located in the middle of the pinion. (depending on the location of the kiln)
14. If check the radial runout of big gear ring, end surface runout, gear contact and so on are in the control range, reinstall the gear cover, the replacement work is completed. Refueling test the machine.
15. If it is found in the inspection that the radial runout of the large gear ring and the excess runout of the end face are too bad, it is necessary to use several jacks between the cylinder body and the gear ring according to the specific conditions, remove the spring pin, straighten out the disc kiln, and adjust the runout tightly through the looseness of the Jack. Until qualified, then cut off the spring plate pin head, after the pin and gear ring and spring plate, then solder it firmly. If the size of the gear contact does not meet the requirements, can be resolved by the kiln.
16. Item 15 in this paper can be carried out at the same time as the front installation, can be adjusted according to the actual situation on the spot, and other processes can also be interleaved.

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