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Optimum operating level of Rotary Kiln

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Only by better and more reasonable kiln operation, can the clinker be calcined with better quality, which should be improved from the following aspects.

First, the stable raw meal rate can stabilize the thermal system of firing system.

The feedstock batching system uses on-line analyzer to measure the raw material rate value once every minute automatically controls the weight of raw material. The continuous sampling of raw material out of mill is checked by fluorescence meter and the on-line monitoring and timely control is adopted to ensure the stability of raw material rate value.

Second, only by stabilizing the quality of coal can the thermal system of the firing system be stabilized.

The raw coal is sampled by automatic sampling prototype, monitored by camera, stored in the open pit according to coal quality, then laid horizontally to the prehomogenized pile shed by cantilever stacker after collocation, and the material is cut vertically by coal taker to achieve the goal of homogenization.

Third, only by stabilizing the feed rate of raw material can the thermal system of the firing system be stabilized.

We make an automatic control loop by which the weight of warehouse is larger than the opening of feed valve, and the opening of feeding valve is automatically adjusted by PID to ensure the fluctuation of silo weight within ±1%.

4. It is very important to ensure that the decomposition rate of the kiln is a stable thermal system.

The outlet temperature of the calciner and the coal quantity under the calciner weigh are made into automatic control loop. The temperature fluctuation of the outlet of the calciner can be ensured at ±10 ℃ by automatically adjusting the coal quantity of the calciner weighing by PID.

5. Stable system air volume

For the decomposition kiln, the air volume shall not only provide sufficient oxygen for the pulverized coal, but also if the material can be fully suspended in the preheater. The reasonable distribution of the air flow of the decomposing furnace and the kiln in the normal operation can be realized by adjusting the opening degree of the tertiary air valve

6. Reasonable match of air volume, coal, material and kiln speed

The coal depends on the air volume, the air volume depends on the material, and the kiln speed depends on the calcination condition of the material in the kiln. The advantages of the precalciner kiln should be brought into full play by the quick combustion of pulverized coal, the fast heat absorption of the material and the proper kiln speed.

7. Proportion of coal used at kiln end and kiln tail

It shall be based on the following principles:
(1) the gas temperature of the kiln tail and the decomposing furnace should not be higher than the normal value;
(2) under the condition of reasonable ventilation, the oxygen content in the exhaust gas of kiln tail and calciner outlet should be kept within a reasonable range.
(3) increase the fuel ratio of calciner as far as temperature and ventilation permit.

8. Judgement of firing temperature

The main parameters based on are:
1. Kiln mainframe current;
2, 2, 3 secondary air and grate down pressure, cooling fan air volume;
(3) judging the temperature by looking at the fire on the spot;
To sum up, the purpose of ensuring the balance of heating capacity and heat transfer capacity of sintering system equipment and maintaining the balance and stability of sintering capacity and preheating ability should be as follows: both front and back, kiln coordination, Stable sintering temperature and decomposition temperature, stable kiln reasonable thermal system. Do not damage the kiln skin, do not run yellow, high-quality, high-yield, low energy consumption.

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