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  1370 billion!This year, Jiangsu will start 46 major tra

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  The construction of a strong transportation province in Jiangsu has added “acceleration”. On February 12th, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government held a conference on the construction of a strong transportation province and a modern comprehensive transportation system. It was clearly started that by 2035, China Unicom would achieve a one-day global, half-day access to the whole country, and a two-hour tour of the province and districts. The city arrived in Nanjing In 1.5 hours. The goods were transported directly to the major developed countries along the “Belt and Road” through the Jiangsu Port, and basically built a strong transportation province with people’s satisfaction, strong support and international leading. Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary Qi Qinqin attended the meeting and Governor Wu Zhenglong presided over the meeting.

  Provincial, municipal and third-level party and government leaders are linked

  Lou Qinjian pointed out that it is necessary to keep a close eye on the outstanding issues, make a strong breakthrough, and run out of development “acceleration”. It is necessary to make greater efforts to fill shortcoming, speed up the construction of railways, airports and river crossings; to strengthen hubs and build a powerful hub group and hub-oriented industrial development highland; to strengthen the structure and accelerate the development of multimodal transport. We will resolutely fight the battle against pollution in the transportation sector, work harder to benefit the people and livelihood, and actively promote the integration of urban and rural passenger transport, transportation and the Internet, and transportation and tourism. There is no outsider in the construction of a strong transportation province. It is necessary to consolidate the responsibility of work and to unite the work together. The party, government, and government leaders at the provincial, city and county levels must conscientiously implement the system of linking and linking major projects. The relevant provincial departments should play a good guiding and coordinating role, and all cities and countries must undertake good subprojects. Responsibility, the province’s transportation system should play a leading role.

  Wu Zhenglong demanded that we should focus on the overall development of the country and high-quality development in the forefront to promote the construction of a strong transportation province, further improve the comprehensive transportation system, accelerate the construction of the river crossing, vigorously develop advanced transportation methods, and focus on solving regional and urban-rural traffic construction. Balancing the problem, constantly satisfying the needs of the people for a better life, playing the role of Jiangsu transportation force in implementing the national coordination, ensure the quality of the project, and use the nailing spirit to grasp one project, one thing, and strive to turn the grand blueprint into a beautiful reality.

  “The provincial party committee and the provincial government regard this meeting as the first provincial conference held after the Spring Festival. We are deeply encouraged and deeply responsible”. Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Railway Office Lu Yongquan said that the Provincial Department of Transportation will plan a comprehensive transportation development plan with a higher starting point, accelerate the construction of key transportation projects, promote the adjustment of transportation structure with higher quality, upgrade public travel services at a higher level, and concentrate on development. Every second counts must be implemented, speeding up the construction of a modern integrated transportation system, striving to build a pioneering area for the construction of a powerful transportation country, and contributing to the transportation of the new Jiangsu construction.

  Build an integrated transportation network of more than 5,000 kilometers

  It is understood that Jiangsu will systematically plan to build a large network, a large channel, a large hub, improve the network effect and integration effect of the transportation system, and support and lead the province’s high-quality development in the forefront.

  Jiangsu will further improve the “Jiangsu Plan for the Powerful Country”, formulate a detailed implementation plan for the top ten Jiangsu models, and compile and form the “Mid-and-Long-Term Development Plan for Jiangsu Integrated Three-Dimensional Transportation Network (2018-2035)”, The Special Transport Implementation Plan will promptly formulate the “International Integrated Transportation System Expansion Plan” and the airport route network layout plan.

  In terms of the construction of key transportation projects, Jiangsu will fully implement the three-year rolling plan for the preliminary work of the transportation project formulated by the provincial government, adhere to the weekly promotion of major projects, weekly advancement of key tasks, monthly supervision of major arrangements, and monthly notification of progress. As soon as possible, the “plan map” will be changed into “design map” and “construction map”: the quality project will be further developed to further consolidate the brand advantage of Jiangsu’s “10-year pavement bridge”.

  This year, the province will ensure that the comprehensive transportation construction investment will be 137 billion yuan, 46 major projects will be started, 43 major projects will be completed, and an integrated transportation network of more than 5,000 kilometers will be built. The “most urgent” task will be implemented with practical actions.

  Promoting public travel services at a higher level is also the “emphasis” of Jiangsu’s transportation development. This year, Jiangsu will continue to implement the priority development strategy for urban public transport, and more than 100 new and optimized bus lines will be built throughout the province. We will continue to strengthen the construction of the “Four Good Rural Roads’, promote the upgrading of rural roads, upgrade the rural roads by 4,500 kilometers, and renovate 2,100 bridges to ensure that the coverage of the two-lane four-lane roads in the villages at the end of this year will exceed 90%, and strive to add 80 new ones. Townships and towns open township and village buses to further improve travel conditions in rural areas and help rural revitalization.

  JiangSu will also actively improve the normal rate of flights in the province, hold airline promotion conferences, speed up the opening of international and domestic routes, serve the people to easily exit the country, support the opening of large provinces and tourism provinces: continue to implement the three-year action plan for safe transportation construction, and continue to curb Heavy accidents. Through the full implementation of the concept of “having a must-have service”, we will accelerate the cultivation of the “comfortable travel” brand and focus on improving the people’s sense of acquisition, happiness and security.

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