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Russian Cement Production Will Continue to decline in 2019

    The Russian business consulting website reported on Februay 12 that the Russian cement market has continued to decline for three consecutive years, according to data from the Russian cement market analysis compiled by BusinesStat. Overall, between 2013 and 2017, Russian cement production fell by 18%, from 66.3 million tons to 54.3 million tons, the largest decline in 2015 and 2016, down 9.4% and 11.3% respectively. In 2017, the decline in Russian cement production slowed to 1.3%。
    According to experts, the main reason for the decline in Russian cement production in 2015-2017 is the decline in demand for cement products in the construction industry. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the Russian Federation, the total area of buildings in 2017 decreased by 4.5% from 2015, from 139.4 million square meters to 133.1 million square meters. In addition, the Russian construction industry was also negatively affected by weather conditions in 2017. Due to the long rainy season, not all construction projects were implemented.
   In the context of declining demand for cement, not only is domestic production falling, but imports are also falling. Between 2013 and 2017, Russian cement imports fell by 60.4%, from 5 million tons to 2 million tons. Due to the devaluation of the ruble, the price o foreign sufcppliers is no longer attractive to Russian buyers.
   According to estimates by BusineStat, Russian cement production will continue to decline in 2018-2019. Despite the gradual recovery of the economy, the construction industry has been slow to respond, and project preparation, decision-making and approval take time. The approval process may take at least six months, sometimes even more than one year, depending on the project. Cement production is expected to increase after 2019. Between 2020 and 2022, Russian cement production increased by an average of 1.7% per year. Production will increase to 55.1 million tons in 2032.

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