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The Cement Market has not Started to lower local prices in t

   Affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the project and mixing station are still in a state of suspension. In the first week after the holiday, only the bagged cement in the store has the demand for stocking. In some cases, the cement enterprises have opened the market and the prices have been lowered. The details are as follows:
   The prices of bagged cement in Guangxi Nanning, Baise, Guiang and Yulin were lowered by RMB 20/ton. From February 14th, six locks such as Jinjitan, Xijin and Guigang were suspended for 7-20 days, and the inventory was concentrated at 50%.
   Jiangsu Yangzhou and Taizhou bagged prices have been lowered by 40 RMB/ton, and there is very little demand for cement. The company only has partial bagged shipments. In order to stimulate downstream goods, enterprises have appropriately lowered the price of bags. It is expected that demand will pick up after h15th of the first month. Su Xichang individual cement enterprises cut 30 RMB/ton for customer, affected by the Spring Festival and rain weather, market demand has not yet started, other companies’ prices are stable, and will be unified in the latter period.
  The price of bagged cement in some areas of Dehong in Yunan was lowered by 20-30 RMB/ton, the inventory increased, and the bulk market was still closed. In order to improve the shipment of bags, the company lowered the price.
  The price of bags in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province was lowered by RMB 10/ton, and the price of bags in the periphery of Guangxi was lowered. Local enterprises followed the decline and the inventory was operating at normal or low. It is expected that the bulk price will continue to stabilize in the short term.
   The price of cement in Zhengzhou, Henan Province was weak. Before the Spring Festival, the price of enterprises in Xinxiang area was lower by 20-30 RMB/ton. Due to the influence of the Spring Festival holiday, the inventory of Zhengzhou enterprises increased, the construction and mixing stations had not resumed construction, and the cement market was basically stagnant. In addition, regional prices have been in a high state, and the downward trend in prices in the later period is obvious.

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