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Global Cement and Concrete Association announces strategic p

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Geneva, 2 August 2018: The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to facilitate sustainable development of the cement and concrete sectors and their value chains. The new partnership will also create synergies between work program to benefit both the GCCA and WBCSD and their respective member companies.
As part of the new agreement, the work carried out by the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) will transfer from WBCSD to the GCCA on 1 January 2019 with activities managed out of the GCCA’s London offices.
The CSI, which was established in 1999 and currently operates under the auspices of WBCSD, is a global effort by 24 major cement producers to advance sustainable development. Over its 19-year history, the CSI has focused on understanding, measuring, managing and minimizing the impacts of cement production and use by addressing a range of issues including: climate change, fuel use, employee health and safety, airborne emissions, concrete recycling and quarry management.
Albert Manifold, Chief Executive Officer of CRH plc and GCCA President said: “The GCCA and WBCSD are natural partners in sustainable development. This long-term agreement formalizes our relationship, enabling the two organizations to work together efficiently on our many common objectives and areas of interest.
“Transferring the activities of the CSI to the GCCA is a logical step and further underlines the cement and concrete sector’s commitment to advance sustainable development across the construction cycle. As the authoritative worldwide voice of the cement and concrete sector, the GCCA is ideally placed to take this work to the next level, building on the strong foundations established by WBCSD.”
Peter White, COO and Vice-President of WBCSD, said: “We are very pleased to announce this partnership between GCCA and WBCSD which will build on the legacy of the Cement Sustainability Initiative – a key WBCSD sector project since 1999 - to facilitate the sustainable development of the cement and concrete sectors and their value chain partners. We commend the sector’s commitment to advancing sustainability and look forward to the synergies this partnership will bring to our two organizations.”

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