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CONCH takes a great step to Global 500

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   On 21st, November, Conch group and Anhui International trade Group (holding) Co., Ltd held a meeting about reorganization, mobilization and deployment in Hefei. Vice-governor, Communist Party Secretary and director of Anhui Provincial SASAC He Shushan attended and addressed the meeting. Deputy Secretary-general of Anhui Provincial Government, director of supervision office Xie Chunming attended the meeting. Deputy Communist Party Secretary and deputy director of Anhui Provincial SASAC Xiang Xiaolong hosted the meeting. Huang Gan, the head of Disciplinary and Supervisory Department of Anhui Provincial SASAC, Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission of Anhui Province, Anhui Provincial SASAC’s commissioner attended the meeting.

    He Shushan pointed out that one of the most important actions of deepening reform of state-owned enterprises taken by Anhui provincial committee and provincial government this year is the reorganization of Conch group and AITG. Those two enterprises reorganization is conductive to make Conch group be stronger and cultivate world class companies. It helps strengthen AITG’s competitive advantage and improve the development quality. It is also beneficial to promote the optimal and efficient allocation of resources and improve the operational efficiency of state-owned capital.

    He Shushan requested that the two groups’ reorganization should be completed within this year according to provincial government deployment. To follow market-oriented approached, normalized accomplish reorganization works such as AITG equity transfer and equity capital increase. To intensify reforms constantly, structure new advantages for development, promote the fast development of enterprise. To take modern enterprise system as direction, promote system and mechanism innovation, increase the vigor, control, influence and anti-risk capability of state-owned capital constantly. To enhance culture depth integration continuously, establish a superior corporate group with synergies in internal and competitive edge in external.

    He Shushan emphasized that promote reorganization work is policy enforcement, broader, and high degree of social concern. We should strength organizational leadership, identity goals and tasks, detail work measures, implement the responsibilities; we should operate in accordance with the laws and regulations, standard reorganization operating process, prevent loss from national assets; we should ensure the stability of overall situation, put legitimate interests of workers, enterprises and social stability in prominent positions, promote reorganization work in moderate and orderly state.

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