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Vietnam cement imports soar by 800 %!Cement association advi

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  Recent domestic import clinker intensified, according to the general administration of customs data show that in 2015 China imported 05000 tons of cement clinker was only, strong growth in 2017 to 870000 tons, in the first quarter of 2018 has reached a record high of 1.76 million tons, and the average monthly quantity in 80 ~ 1 million tons of imports of clinker in the impact of domestic coastal market, is expected to reach 10 million tons of imports in 2018, serious impact on the domestic market, aiming at the problem of cement hook interview to China cement association executive vice President of xiang-zhong kong.

  Kong xiangzhong, executive vice President of China cement association

  According to chairman kong: imported cement clinker mainly from Vietnam, followed by Thailand and South Korea.In the first seven months of 2018, Vietnam's cement exports and exports to the Chinese market were 80 times and 90 times higher than the same period last year, respectively, reaching 4.52 million tons and more than 159 million us dollars in trade, accounting for 25.6 percent of Vietnam's total cement exports and 24.1 percent of its total exports, according to statistics from the general administration of Vietnamese customs.The terminal market price of imported cement and clinker is 50 ~ 60 yuan/ton lower than that of the same period in China, which has a great impact on China's cement market.

  Attractive spreads and "clinker shortage" in some parts of the country, leading domestic downstream users to purchase imported clinker, at the time of import clinker aggressively enter the Chinese market, part of the clinker quality unqualified also fish in troubled waters, recently there are a lot of companies to cement grinding stand remarks reflect, imports from Vietnam clinker strength of 28 days is not enough, a recourse.In view of the current chaotic situation of imported clinker, cement association has formally submitted a letter of proposal to the ministry of commerce, detailing the hidden dangers and management measures of imported clinker, part of which is as follows:

  1. The impact of low-price dumping of imported clinker on domestic supply-side structural reform.

  China's cement clinker ports are mainly in shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong and other regions, and nearly 20 large ports are berthed at foreign ships for unloading.The imported cement clinker took advantage of the opportunity of China's cement market price recovery and adopted the low-price dumping method. Only in the first quarter of 2018, the price of cement clinker in the east China Yangtze river delta region was forced to drop by 150 ~ 170 yuan/ton under the impact of imports.As coming in the fourth quarter, the cement market into the traditional peak season, import low-cost effects are becoming ever more obvious impact on market prices, and if there is no effective way to stop, will destroy the domestic cement market supply and demand balance, to further restrict industry efficiency gains for the whole year, industry supply side structural reforms the confidence and determination will sell at a discount greatly, even fall short.

  2. The product quality has not been fully tested, which brings great hidden dangers to the follow-up domestic construction quality.

  Cement is resource commodities, is the national economic construction base material, in order to ensure the cement product quality, production and use of cement, clinker shall practise a system of production license, unlicensed products may not sell used, cement, clinker quality of the products must comply with the common Portland cement (GB175-2007), "the Portland cement clinker (GB/T21372-2008), and other standard requirements, production enterprise shall timely and quality inspection agency verification, to ensure that product quality is stable qualified.The imported products have not passed the inspection of the relevant commodity inspection (quality inspection) departments in China, and do not meet the relevant requirements for the sales and use of cement and clinker products in China;With the increase of imported clinker and cement, in the case of unknown quality, domestic enterprises are used to produce cement and concrete without complete inspection, which is difficult to effectively guarantee the quality of downstream construction projects. There are uncertain hidden problems of product quality, which bring huge hidden problems to the safety of people's lives and property.

  3. The second shipment by barge seriously pollutes the environment along the river and coastal areas and damages the ecology.

  Import cement, clinker in shandong yantai, rizhao, weihai, Qingdao, nantong, jiangsu province, jiangyin, xiamen, fuzhou, fujian province, the guangdong dongguan, zhejiang zhoushan district secondary overside of ports shipment, due to the characteristic of the powder, cement, clinker particle features, lead to the unloading process produces a large amount of dust, and most of the ships in the night of concealed discharge, avoid environmental regulation, for more than the degree of pollution, the environmental quality of city to cause major run counter to the central demands to win the battle blue sky, with xi general secretary in further promoting the development of the Yangtze river economic belt symposium speech spirit.

  Proposed measures:

  In view of the serious impact of imported general cement and clinker products on China's cement market, bringing safety risks and pollution to the natural environment, we sincerely request the ministry of commerce to cooperate with relevant ministries and commissions of the state to strengthen the quality and environmental protection supervision of imported general cement and clinker in terms of environmental protection, quality and customs inspection.

  1. Strict customs inspection to ensure product quality.

  Foreign producers of cement exported to China must obtain approval from China's quality inspection authorities, and all cement importers must pay a certain amount of quality guarantee, raising the entry threshold.

  It is suggested to entrust the national cement quality supervision and inspection center and China cement association to jointly put forward the measures for strengthening the quality inspection and management of imported general cement and clinker in China, which requires that the imported general cement and clinker products must meet the national standards of China cement.

  Referring to the usual practice of importing cement products from foreign countries, it is necessary for China to carry out national commodity law inspection on imported cement and clinker before unloading.Expand sampling samples, take 200 tons as a batch, sampling method, legal inspection time at least 28 days, the customs can release after qualified, to ensure the quality of imported cement products (all countries cement standards are subject to 28 days of strength test).And the establishment of inspection results publicity and reporting mechanism, to ensure that the quality of imported cement, clinker meet China's national standards for cement, clinker, ensure the quality of downstream projects.

  2. Control prices by means of tariffs to safeguard the interests of the domestic cement industry.

  In the case of the alleged dumping of cement at a low price that undermines the order of China's cement market, we earnestly request the ministry of commerce to coordinate relevant ministries and commissions to launch anti-unfair competition and anti-dumping investigation, timely restore and raise tax rates, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of China's cement enterprises.Where possible, a 20 per cent tariff on imported cement and cement clinker is proposed.

  3. Strengthen the environmental control of coastal and riverside ports to maintain ecological and environmental protection.

  Resolutely implement the general secretary xi speech spirit as he visited the Yangtze river economic belt, pleaded with the ministry of commerce to coordinate the ecological environment, strengthen the supervision of import cement, clinker discharge and banned the import of cement clinker in secondary overside installed along the Yangtze river, coastal port shipment operation, completely put an end to import cement, clinker discharge on the natural environment pollution in our country.

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