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Advantages and problems of cement kiln disposal:

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  Cement kiln and professional high-temperature incinerator disposal can realize reduction, harmless and recycling of waste, but the cement kiln for coordination more advantages: (1) the cement kiln ultra high temperature (1800 ℃), 5-15 s residence time can effectively reduce the generation of dioxin;(2) the generated fly ash and slag can be used as raw materials for cement clinker production to achieve zero emission;(3) a medium-sized professional incinerator can handle hazardous waste of 60t per day, while the smallest cement kiln collaborative disposal equipment (production line capacity of 2500t/d) can handle hazardous waste of 100t per day;(4) it is estimated that it will cost 40 million yuan to build a professional incinerator with an annual hazardous waste disposal capacity of 10,000 tons, while the co-disposal equipment of cement kilns with the same capacity is only 1/4 to 1/5 of that.(5) the unit cost of cooperative disposal of hazardous waste in cement kilns is 2000-2500 yuan/ton, compared with 3000-3500 yuan/ton in professional incinerators, the operating cost is lower.

  Hazardous waste treatment requires corresponding qualifications, high technical requirements, industry barriers are relatively higher than environmental protection and other fine industry.Small and medium-sized enterprises with relative lack of capital and technology are difficult to obtain the corresponding qualification to enter the hazardous waste treatment industry.It takes a long period from the declaration to the qualification to the operation of the hazardous waste disposal project, generally at least three years. Due to the long investment cycle, it requires high capital strength of the enterprise.With the further standardization of the hazardous waste market, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises with strong capital and technical strength will benefit from the process of market standardization.

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