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Cement kiln collaborative disposal of solid waste process

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  Coordinated disposal of cement kiln is a new waste treatment method proposed by cement industry.It refers to the pretreatment of cement kiln in line with or meet the requirements of the kiln entrance into the cement kiln solid waste, cement clinker harmless treatment process.

  Due to the late introduction of cement kiln collaborative disposal technology into China, the process of cement kiln collaborative disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste also needs to be further improved.Combined with the inherent characteristics of cement kilns, we do not simply combine the traditional hazardous waste treatment facilities with cement kilns, but combine the pretreatment that basically meets the needs with the most appropriate way to put into cement kilns.The process from raw material preparation to clinker firing is based on the types, quantities and characteristics of hazardous wastes.Because of the diversity of hazardous wastes, it is difficult to use a treatment system for all wastes.In the selection of pretreatment equipment and processes, the applicability of the widest possible, do not recommend the use of specific types of hazardous waste.

  The purpose of pretreatment of hazardous waste in cement kiln is to make the hazardous waste relatively uniform, easy to transport and easy to enter the kiln after pretreatment.On this basis, according to the situation of hazardous waste in different periods, lower water content and higher calorific value can be pursued, so as to burn more fully and decompose more thoroughly after entering the kiln.

  As a rule of thumb, hazardous waste storage and pretreatment facilities are usually considered in three forms: solid, semi-solid, and liquid.Solid state pretreatment is mainly crushing, screening and mixing, aiming to make violations become relative rules and obstacles relatively orderly.Liquid pretreatment is combined with storage, mainly for precipitation, filtration, impurity removal and solid-liquid separation.Especially for certain purity of waste acid and lye, emulsifier, etc.Semisolid pretreatment is used for semisolid materials, as well as solid and liquid materials. The purpose is to manufacture all kinds of materials. On this premise, through reasonable and safe mixing, single pretreatment or inappropriate kiln, relatively stable sludge slurry can be made to facilitate pipeline transportation.There is no need to pretreat small packages and small amounts of waste.With the improvement of knowledge and accumulation of experience, the pretreatment facilities for the coordinated disposal of hazardous wastes are also developing towards the direction of systematization and combination.

  Pretreatment is a key link in cooperative disposal of cement kilns, and the selection of related equipment and technology is particularly important.In order to meet the market demand, jiangsu lvsen developed an intelligent, modular and one-stop hazardous waste pretreatment scheme according to the characteristics of hazardous waste treatment.The cooperative treatment of solid waste by jiangsu lvsen cement kiln can not only provide professional intelligent crushing equipment for target customers, but also integrate high-quality fire fighting system and powerful joint design of professional fire fighting companies, so as to realize all-round safety control of crushing process and ensure efficient operation of crushing line.

  Jiangsu lvsen provides customers with a complete set of application scheme of cooperative treatment of solid waste in cement kilns. The scheme includes fire protection device configuration, which not only makes the damaged line more systematic and complete, but also effectively prevents the potential danger caused by the inflammability and explosibility of hazardous waste in the process of crushing.Intelligent control, reliable!Intelligent terminal control makes every detail of equipment operation fully grasped. It is not only convenient for users to monitor the operation of equipment, but also can feedback the operation data to the main control center in time, forming an effective early warning mechanism.Tower design, simple!Jabil's unique tower design not only greatly facilitates the overall installation and regular inspection of equipment, but also greatly saves the time and cost of later maintenance.

  The reasonable pretreatment makes the hazardous waste easy to transport and enter into the kiln and reach the lower moisture content and higher calorific value.Through the cement kiln in the hazardous waste disposal aspect cooperation, has the very big superiority in the economic and the environmental protection aspect, will have the bigger growth space in the next few years.Therefore, the hazardous waste pretreatment equipment and technology used in the project will also meet the high growth of market demand at the same time.Jiangsu lvsen has always insisted on continuous exploration in the field of intelligence and specialization, eliminated old products and launched new products. Relying on the mature product system and extensive market recognition, it has created a bright future of intelligent hazardous waste pretreatment.

  If you have any requirements on the coordinated treatment of hazardous waste in cement kiln, you can contact us for technical support at the first time. We are the cement intelligent solid waste treatment experts around you!

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