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The alignment scheme technology of grate cooler

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I. correction plan:

1. After the kiln is stopped for cooling for 12 hours, process personnel shall clear the first, second and third sections and clean the top of the grate bed before handing it over to maintenance and construction;

2, remove the castable on the two sides of the lower wall of the first two or three sections, stop the grate bed to the middle position with a fixed support to fix the grate bed, in order to facilitate the grate plate folding;

3. Responsible person of mechanical project construction shall handle the power failure procedures of grate cooler, crusher and other related equipment;

4. First adjust one section of grate bed, remove the blind plates on both sides of one section and the grate plates above the movable frame beam, measure the diagonal distance of the movable frame with a tape measure, and determine whether the movable frame is deformed (diagonal deviation of the movable grate bed 1mm);

5, in activity framework above choose six points on each side with theodolite side grate bed elevation (a grate bed slope Angle is 3 °, secondary and tertiary period of 0 °), log data analysis, determine the adjustment quantity;

6. Select six points on the fixed beam supports on both sides and use the theodolite to measure whether the fixed beam supports are deformed;

7. Set up the jack on the air chamber supporting wheel bracket and fix the dial indicator under the movable frame to determine the adjustment amount;

Jacking one side of the movable frame with a jack, adjusting the elevation of the movable frame by adding or subtracting shim;

8. Install the grate plate and blind plate after adjusting the grate bed. Adjust the movable frame according to the clearance on both sides of the blind plate.

9. Power supply test machine;

10. The adjustment method of the second and third paragraphs is the same as that of the first paragraph.

Ii. Maintenance time and personnel arrangement

Fitter: 8 persons welder: 4 persons

Technical responsibility: 2 persons

Implement two shift operation system, plan to finish in 4 days.

Iii. Relevant technical requirements

1) the supporting wheel sets at the same section are parallel to each other, the deviation of the center diagonal is no more than 1mm, and the gap between the guide wheel and the guide rail is 2mm;

2) each supporting wheel shall be in good contact with the guide rail installed on the movable frame, and the force shall be uniform. Each supporting wheel shall rotate when the movable frame is in operation;

3) the vertical clearance between the grate plates is 3 1mm;

4) the gap between the blind plate and the grate plate is 2mm;

5) the height of gasket for grate beam adjustment shall not exceed 10mm, and spot welding is required after fastening;

6) when the alignment of movable beam and fixed beam is correct, 6 points can be measured on both sides of each section. The horizontal and vertical error of the whole length is less than 1mm;

7) before the test, check whether the clearance between the vertical and horizontal gratings and the blind plate is normal. No sundries such as electrode head iron are allowed between the gaps. There is no friction between the relevant separation parts.

Iv. Equipment preparation

1. Dial gauge with magnetic gauge seat: 2 pairs

2. Welding machine: 3 sets

3. Oxygen and acetylene: 3 sets

4. Locksmith tools: 3 sets

5. Theodolite: 1 set

6. Jack: 32T 4 sets

V. safety precautions

1, the correct power failure procedures;

Check whether the pouring material on the top of grate cooler is empty

2. Instruments shall be inspected before use. Operation with illness is strictly prohibited and instruments shall be used in a standard way;

3. When using the jack, it shall be placed smoothly and shall not be used askew.

4, in the grate bed to focus on the operation, and set up in the removal of the grate board board board.

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