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Elimination of vibration of vertical mill

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  The causes and characteristics of vertical mill vibration have been discussed. The following is the elimination method of vertical mill vibration for reference.

  1. Elimination of transmission vibration

  If it is found that the vibration value is mainly axial, the cause of vibration may come from the alignment of the coupling, the alignment accuracy of the coupling should be checked, and the coupling should be realigned to meet the requirements of the manual or manual.

  If discover motor axial vibration is larger, in addition to check the coupling, also want to consider the problem of the motor itself, to check whether the magnetic center of motor and rotor centre, inspection method for release coupling, start the motor, to measure the location of the motor end face, location and alignment, leave enough with the gap.If there is no problem above, the axial vibration may come from the meshing of the incoming shaft gear, or the positioning of the gear may be a problem, this can be based on the vibration, noise and other comprehensive judgment, determine the treatment method, if necessary to adjust the meshing accuracy of the gear.

  If it is found that the vibration value is relatively large in the vertical direction, the vibration source may come from looseness, the footing and related fasteners should be inspected and tightened. After the fastening, pay attention to check whether the coupling alignment is affected by the fastening.Abnormal meshing of spiral bevel gears can also cause vertical vibration, such as tooth dentures for other reasons, which should also be judged according to the specific sound and frequency, once determined, must be repaired, otherwise it will cause the situation to expand.

  The horizontal vibration comes from the circumferential meshing force or other horizontal forces of the gear. The vibration source should be judged according to the sound, vibration direction, vibration frequency and rotation speed of each shaft and processed.

  2. Unstable vibration of material layer

  The instability of the material layer may come from the height of the baffle ring is not suitable, the wind speed of the air ring is too high, the speed of the powder separator is high, the raw material is easy to grind is not good, the raw material is too dry, etc., the indicators do not match with the output, should be appropriate to improve the operation, reduce the wind speed of the air ring and the speed of the powder separator, reduce the fine powder into the grinding disc, if necessary to reduce the output.If it belongs to the height of the baffle ring, the height should be adjusted, about 5% of the roller diameter.If the material is too dry, spray water appropriately.And so on.

  3. Excessive particle size of raw materials

  Adjust the discharging granule of the crusher and process the grate to prevent the larger cold block from entering the grinder. If it is difficult to adjust it for a while, the height of the material layer can be appropriately increased to relieve vibration.

  4. Dropping of grinding disc and grinding roller

  If it is found that the grinding disc and grinding roller drop, it should be timely repair welding, if it is difficult to repair welding, can also increase the thickness of the material layer appropriately, to alleviate vibration.

  5. Low roll pressure

  When the roll pressure is low, the materials are not easy to be broken and subversive vibration is generated, just like the rollers walking on the uneven road. If the roll pressure is increased in time, the materials are crushed and the material bed is formed, the inhibition of the roll on the vibration will increase and the vibration will be lifted naturally.

  The vibration of vertical mill may also come from other equipment and other external influence, so careful inspection and analysis, one by one.At the same time remind the reader, because the author level experience is limited, the article certainly has the discomfort place, also hoped the criticism corrects.

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