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Improvement of structure of cement clinker crusher

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  In the daily production process of cement clinker, clinker crusher is responsible for crushing large clinker into appropriate size particles. The crusher operates continuously 24 hours a day, so it can be said that the crusher is the throat of the whole grate cooler.
  Because the hammer head strikes clinker continuously, the wear resistance of the hammer head and its fixing way are very important.
  The old crusher has the problem that the hammer head is easily worn and easy to fall off. In addition, because the clinker crusher crushes high-temperature clinker, the bearing of the crusher may be on the high side due to thermal radiation during operation.
  In order to improve the reliability and operation rate of clinker crusher, the following improvements were made to its structure.

  1. Improvement of the fixing method of hammer head

  As shown in figure 1, the improvement before hammer parts through the pin shaft is fixed on the crusher disc, through the shaft end baffle is fixed on both ends of the pin shaft, the shaft end baffle to disk, with screws shaft end baffles are exposed outside the disc side, in the process of production, as a result of the clinker scour, shaft end shields off only by screws, leading to pin and hammer head loss.
  In order to avoid the erosion of the shaft end baffle caused by clinker, we modified the design of the disc, fixed the shaft end baffle on the inner side of the disc, and discontinuous welding between the shaft end baffle and the disc after the bolt was tightened, effectively avoiding the hammer head falling off.
  Hammer head can rotate 360 ° at the same time, reduce stop wait for aniseed congestion caused by the kiln accidents.

  2. Improvement of the high temperature of the rotor part bearing

  As shown in figure 2, to improve before the crusher shell and bearing distance is 270 mm, the distance between the shell and bearing, sometimes encountered in the process of production of clinker grate bed too much, and can not get timely cooling, the temperature of the clinker crushing machine machine shell parts will be on the high side, too close to the distance, bearing and the shell due to the effect of thermal radiation, can cause bearing temperature rise together, lead to bearing working under high temperature, reduce the service life of the bearing, in order to minimize the bearing temperature rise caused by the shell heat radiation temperature, in the case of not impact crusher rotor immunity,
  We increased the distance between crusher shell and bearing from the original 270mm to 320mm. In addition, through the effect of the wind blade connected to the rotor, it played a good cooling effect on the bearing part and effectively reduced the temperature of the bearing when working.

  3. Improvement of bearing lubrication of clinker crusher

  Grate cooler is designed by our part adopts dry gas station automatic centralized lubrication system, the design of before we put the grate cooler all lubricating points automatically by the dry gas station come on, but the grate cooler system in addition to clinker crusher parts belong to high speed, the rest belong to low speed rotation, the lubricating oil demand large difference between the two, often appears shortage of lubricating oil in clinker crusher parts in production and other low speed rotation lubrication point part of the oil supply, the more the caused the waste lubricating oil, so we will be in the crusher to manually go on both ends of the bearing, artificial add every eight hours at a time.
  At the same time, a temperature measuring device is installed on the bearing covers at both ends of the clinker crusher, which can monitor the bearing temperature of the crusher in real time.
  In this way, the insufficient lubrication of the bearing is effectively avoided and the service life of the bearing is prolonged.

  4. Improvement of the rack at the entrance of the clinker crusher

  Grate cooler clinker crusher inlet end the old design is based on the flat mouth, when you meet the large clinker can easily lead to clinker stuck in crusher mouth is not broken, the exposure to change its entrance design to design, can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of open of clinker, structure changes before and after the transformation is shown in figure 3.

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