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Application of roller crusher with cement vertical mill in c

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  Rollcrusher is suitable for crushing medium hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, etc.

  This series of roller crusher is mainly composed of roller wheel, roller supporting bearing, pressing and adjusting device and driving device.

  Cement is a kind of hydraulic cementing material.

  After the cement is mixed with water, through a series of physical and chemical processes, the plasticity slurry becomes hard rock. In terms of hardening conditions, cement can not only harden in air, but also better harden in water, and maintain and continue to develop its strength.

  Therefore, the cement material can be used for both overground and underground engineering.

  In the road and the bridge in the universal cement has: Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement and the compound cement and so on 6 big varieties cement.

  In addition, in some special projects, high aluminum cement, expansion cement, fast cement, etc., in the project construction is still dominated by Portland cement and Portland cement.

  The wide use of cement has increased the demand for cement production and has high requirements for cement technology.

  Roller crusher has been widely used in modern cement enterprises.

  Its technological process mainly USES the material sliding screen material dust removal crushing system, its technological process mainly includes: clinker, slag and gypsum together into the material sliding screen, the material sliding screen in the motor eccentric block vibration, less than 6mm of the decane into the cement vertical mill, more than 6mm of the material all into the roller crusher.

  In order to avoid field problems of roller crusher and affect the normal generation of cement vertical mill, bypass pipe and slide screen switch are specially adopted, and electric limit control is adopted.

  Once the crusher has problems, immediately open the feeding screen, let the material into the bypass, at the same time overhaul roller crusher, ensure the normal operation of the cement vertical mill.

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