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Cement kiln cost materials, high coal consumption, how to do

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There are many factors affecting the coal consumption of cement clinker. When dealing with the specific problems of reducing the coal consumption of clinker, we must combine with the actual production situation to find out the real reasons affecting the coal consumption of clinker, and then take corresponding technical measures, so as to achieve better production results.

Furnace internal improvement:

In practice, the proportion of coal used often varies;
Under normal production conditions, if conditions permit, appropriately increasing the amount of coal used for decomposition can effectively improve the decomposition rate of materials, which will be conducive to improving the output and quality of clinker, and more conducive to reducing clinker coal consumption

Improved method: the influence and treatment of first, second and third wind

1. Influence and treatment of primary air.

The use of four - channel pulverized coal burner instead of three - channel pulverized coal burner is beneficial to reducing clinker coal consumption

2. Influence and treatment of secondary air

The correct control and operation of grate cooler can improve the secondary air temperature and reduce the clinker coal consumption

3. Influence and treatment of the third wind

The air from the cooling machine into the calciner is called the third air. Its function is to disperse, preheat the decomposed materials and supply the oxygen needed for pulverized coal combustion.
Under the premise of ensuring the use of wind, the appropriate increase of the third air volume is conducive to improving the decomposition rate of the materials into the kiln, and more conducive to reducing the clinker coal consumption

Ii. Other improvement methods:

1. It has been greatly reformed and the kiln type has been changed to a large new type of dry kiln from 4000t/d to 10000t/d. The larger the kiln is, the more stable the thermal system will be and the lower the heat consumption will be.

2. Make minor changes and improve the management level of leaders on the existing basis;
Unified operation, improve the technical level of kiln workers and other operators;
Appropriate technical correction of the whole system;
Strengthen the pre-homogenization of coal, make the coal into the kiln as stable as possible, and appropriately improve the quality of coal on the existing basis;
Properly change the raw material batching scheme, improve the burnability of raw material, after determining the raw material batching bill, ensure the stability of raw material composition into the kiln.
Remember "stable yield is high yield" and high yield doesn't reduce clinker coal consumption?

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