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Dealing with the roller press abnormal fluctuations of a few

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  1, an overview of the

  CLFl70 100 roller press and Vx8820 classifier are used for pregrinding in our company, and combined with (4.2m 14.5m) cement mill to form an open-circuit combined grinding system.

  The raw material of the mixing station is firstly lifted to the top of the Vx8820 type separator and then enters the separator for powder selection. The fine powder is driven by the wind force of the circulating fan and collected into the double wind turbine for grinding. The coarse particle material falls into the stable flow bin and then enters the roller press for roller pressing.

  After being rolled by the roller press, the material and the raw material in the mixing station are lifted to the v-type powder separator for powder selection.

  In the actual operation process, some abnormal fluctuations may occur in the roller pressure, generally including the fluctuation of current, pressure and roll gap parameters.

  Because these parameters are related to each other, when one parameter fluctuates greatly, other parameters also change correspondingly, which will affect the stable and efficient operation of the roller press, and then will seriously affect the smooth operation of the grinding system and the production quality of grinding cement, resulting in the increase of cement power consumption.

  So the operation control of roller press is very important in the process of central control.

  2. Cause analysis and solutions

  In the process of central control operation, the roller fluctuation can be roughly summarized as three reasons: first, the impact of material factors;

  The second is the mechanical and electrical/mechanical fault caused by the roller;

  Thirdly, the influencing factors of technological process.

  2.1 influence of material factors

  2.1.1 excessive amount of fine powder passed through the roller press

  Because the density of fine powder is low, it is mixed with gas.

  When the material with too much fine powder passes through the high pressure zone and is extruded, the compactness will increase, but the gas mixed in the fine powder will converge and integrate into the bubble, and the bubble will be extruded and broken under the action of high pressure, resulting in the vibration of the roller press.

  Second between fine powder is easy to slip, when it is pulled into the high pressure area during extrusion, are prone to slip, u can also lead to roll press vibration, and in this case, the material liquid, in steady flow, and through the rolling machine grading is more serious, when working in the roll of material on the surface of the particle mixing imbalance, roller surface uneven, can cause the fluctuations of the roller press.

  In addition, when the fine powder is too much, it may cause the collapse of the material and cause the current of the grinding head bucket to rise suddenly and jump to stop and kill the bucket.

  In this case, in the central control operation should be appropriate to close the small roller press electric push rod opening;

  Increase the fan or close the small roller press rod valve to reduce the flow of material.

  If there is cinder in the mix, it can be temporarily reduced or suspended for a few minutes, because there are many components in the cinder powder, by controlling the amount of cinder incorporation can reduce the steady flow of excessive fine powder in the bin.

  2.1.2 the material temperature of the human roller press is too high

  When the temperature of the material is too high, the fluidity is strengthened and the grading is intensified. The material layer through the roller press is unstable, which causes the fluctuation of the roller press.

  At the same time, too high material temperature will affect the roller press lubrication, so that the life of the main bearing is reduced, and aggravate the roller surface and side baffle wear roller press.

  Inspection and replacement;

  Large firebrick often appears after the kiln overhaul, at this time should be strictly controlled the proportion of firebrick into the clinker warehouse and granularity;

  Difficult to control is the use of cinder, because some of the suppliers of cinder without broken, into the plant cinder particle size can reach more than 150 mm, seriously exceeding the standard.

  Therefore, it is recommended that this part of the large particles of coal cinder be broken before use.

  2.2 mechanical and electrical/mechanical failure of the roller

  2.2.1 severe wear of side baffle of roller press

  When both sides of the roller press baffle wear seriously or one side of the baffle wear material leakage is serious, the working gap value becomes larger, through the roller press material layer thickness is different, roll seam deviation, roll seam difference is obvious, the roller press frequent deviation correction, roller press more fluctuations.

  At this time, the work efficiency of the roller press decreases. Under the condition that the damper of the circulating fan remains unchanged, the material level of the steady flow bin rises and the electromechanical flow of the grinding head hoist decreases.

  The normal gap value between the side baffle of the roller press and the two ends of the roller is generally between 2 and 3 mm.

  According to the investigation, the working gap value between the side baffle and both ends of the roller in some enterprises is between 1.8 ~ 2.0mm ".

  When it is found that the side baffle is worn, the gap between the side baffle and the roller should be adjusted in time, otherwise the wear will be intensified.

  When side baffle wear is serious, want to change in time.

  In daily production, 1 ~ 2 sets of side baffle should be always available to cope with temporary replacement;

  In addition, the equipment fault prevention mechanism should be implemented. It is required to check and measure the gap between the side baffle and the roller once every 7-10 days during the downtime in normal production. If it exceeds the allowable range, it should be adjusted in time and special records should be made.

  2.2.2 serious wear and peeling of the roller surface of the roller press

  When the roller surface of the roller press is worn and peeled off, the surface is uneven, and the materials entering the roller press cannot be effectively extruded. The force on the roller is uneven, and the pressure, current and roll gap change frequently, resulting in large fluctuation of the roller press.

  At the same time, out of the roller press material granule more, less cake, mill output decreased, roller press system circulation greatly increased, more and more powder, easy to cause the weighing warehouse frequent "blanking".

  In this regard, to check the grinding head system iron remover and metal detector work is normal;

  Always check the iron parts on the iron remover of the v-shaped slipper, so as to timely find the peeling condition of the roller surface;

  In case of serious spalling of roller surface, timely repair welding or re-surfacing welding.

  2.2.3 there is a fault in the displacement sensor or valve block of the roller press

  The fixing bolts of the displacement sensor of the roller press become loose or the displacement sensor is damaged.

  There is a valve block on a piece of the problem, can not hold the pressure, roll joints change frequently.

  At this time, the following aspects should be investigated one by one: first, check whether the fastening bolt of the displacement sensor is loose;

  The second is the roller press pressure to pre-pressure to see whether the original gap is normal, whether there is a fault displacement sensor;

  Three is to pressure to pre-pressure and then stop, see how the valve block pressure;

  Fourth, check whether the accumulator pressure on the two sides of the valve block is too big difference, there is imbalance.

  In addition, often check the hydraulic cylinder exhaust pipe is too much oil, hydraulic cylinder channeling oil.

  Then according to the causes of the search, the corresponding technical measures can be taken to solve the problem.

  2.2.4 failure of reduction gear or roller bearing of roller press

  When the roller press is installed, the concentricity between the main motor and the reducer is not well adjusted.

  Or after the roller press runs for a period of time, the locking plate bolts of the roller press become loose.

  All of these may cause relative displacement between the reducer and the roller shaft, which makes the roller press jump seriously and unstable during operation.

  At the same time, it will damage the main bearing, reducer bearing and gear of the roller press, thus causing vibration and motor current fluctuation of the roller press.

  In this case, to re-adjust the speed reducer shaft and motor output shaft concentricity, reduce the vibration caused by asymmetry or beat;

  At ordinary times, the bolts of the locking plate, reducer bolts, anchor bolts and side baffle bolts should be checked and tightened regularly, and the lubrication of roller bearing should be ensured to ensure the smooth operation of roller bearing.

  2.2.5 problems with the electronic control system of the roller press

  The electronic control components of the roller press have faults (such as poor contact of the carbon brush of the roller press), resulting in the fluctuation of control parameters caused by distortion.

  When such a situation should first stop, observe the roller press in the empty running of each parameter change trend.

  When the elimination is not mechanical problems, it is necessary to inform the electrical personnel to carefully check the parameters of the large changes in the relevant electronic control components, if there is damage to be replaced in a timely manner.

  2.3 influencing factors in process flow

  All will cause the steady flow bin biased material classification serious technical problems, may cause the roller press fluctuation to increase.

  The concrete has the following several aspects: the steady flow storehouse biased material is serious and the steady flow storehouse under the roller press the slipping tube knot material or has the foreign matter to block off the material not free;

  Or materials selected by V are not evenly distributed and fall;

  Or V select the serious wear and tear;

  Or V select steady flow of the bin is not correct;

  And so on.

  Corresponding measures can be taken: improve the material into V selection uniformity;

  Timely repair welding or replacement of worn broken lattice;

  To prevent material classification bias too serious;

  Check the slipping pipe frequently whether there is any material or foreign matter stuck and clean it in time to ensure the continuous stability of feeding.

  3, conclusion

  After more than ten years of application and research in China, the roller press has been constantly improved in its structure and operation technology.

  With the further research and development of extrusion grinding technology, the roller press and its process system will be more perfect. It is believed that it can achieve higher and better economic benefits on the premise of ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the equipment.

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