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Do you know how to deal with raw materials in rotary kiln?

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  Rotary kiln raw run in feeding or stop kiln, the normal production of C5 temperature control of the valve between 860 ℃ to 880 ℃, C5 temperature control of the valve is too low will cause run raw materials.

  Possible signs before running raw material:

  1. The temperature at the exit of the calciner and the temperature of C5 sliver continued to decrease

  2. The temperature of the kiln tail continues to drop

  3. The kiln current continues to decline

  4. The layer pressure in the first chamber of the grate cooler continues to rise

  If the adjustment is not timely, it can be seen from the kiln head industrial TV that the kiln head becomes turbid, the flame has forced back, and the concentration of NOx drops significantly.

  When this phenomenon lasts for a period of time (about 10-15min), the raw material powder will be seen pouring out from the kiln head, and when the raw material powder flows into the grate cooler, the pressure under the grate will rise rapidly.

  At this time, the kiln current is very low or even close to the no-load current.

  Because there are many signs before running raw materials, and materials through the kiln for a long time, so if we can take effective measures before the discovery of running raw materials, running raw materials can be avoided or reduced to a minimum degree.

  When feeding, do not add too fast, new kiln or long time stop kiln feeding to pay special attention.

  About 30% of the initial release for full capacity, 5000 t/d of the kiln feed rate of 100 t/h - 120 t/h, and kiln head about 11-14 t/h feed coal, coal furnace in order to make sure the kiln temperature rise as soon as possible to the normal operation of the valve when the valve is 10-20 ℃ low temperature for the principle, not lower than 800 ℃, and at the same time avoid the high temperature furnace burning and CO.

  Ensure the temperature of the kiln end rise steadily, it will not run raw materials.

  When there are signs of running raw materials, the kiln speed should be reduced to 0.3-0.5 in a timely manner, the kiln head should be appropriately added with coal, the high temperature fan speed should be appropriately increased or the third wind damper should be closed by about 5%.

  If the tail temperature is still falling and the decline of the kiln current does not slow down, the on-site inspection should be informed to increase the oil pressure and add coal appropriately to increase the temperature of the kiln slitter.

  If the raw material is run in normal operation, the calciner coal should be properly added to increase the temperature of the feed into the kiln, and the kiln speed should be greatly reduced.

  When feeding run raw material serious, must stop the material kiln heating feeding again.

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