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Improvement and repair of LBT32216 grate cooler

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  Yixing tianshan cement co., LTD. 2500 t/d production line put into operation in August 2003, adopt LBT32216 grate cooler, grate bed effective area of 63.2 m2, the first section of the grate bed tilted 3 ° to decorate, the first row of grate plate grate plate for the activity.

  The grate cooler was technically modified in early 2010. The first three beams were removed and transformed into sino-nj fixed bed, and the grate bed air distribution was adjusted at the same time.

  This reform effectively solves the problem of frequent burning of grate plate and guard plate at the entrance of grate cooler.

  However, the problems of too low secondary and tertiary air temperature, too high clinker temperature and too high secondary mechanical failure have not been effectively solved.

  In June 2013, improved maintenance was carried out for the grate cooler with the help of the kiln system overhaul and brick replacement.

  Problems in production

  1.1 production process problems

  (1) the secondary air temperature kiln hood) is too low (950 ℃).

  2) clinker grate cooler temperature is too high (200 ~ 300 ℃).

  3) the fine material side "red river" continues to the crusher, and the grate plate and guard plate burn frequently.

  4) the second section of the grate cooler adopts 4055 hole grate plate. The grate bed has serious material leakage and the conveying capacity of the grate zipper conveyor is obviously insufficient.

  1.2 secondary mechanical failure

  1) the coupling support of fixed longitudinal beam and fixed beam at both ends of the second segment is deformed, and the bolt hole of connection between central longitudinal beam and fixed beam is displaced;

  Fixed and movable beams and movable frames break frequently.

  2) instantaneous impact load exists in the second drive. The elevations of both ends of the main and driven shaft are different. The sealing skateboards at both ends of the driven shaft are jumping with air leakage.

  Problem analysis and corrective maintenance measures

  2.1 cause analysis

  1) through the field measurement of the working current and operating pressure of all fans, it is known that the working current of most fans is obviously low, indicating that the "performance of the fan under the grate" does not match the "resistance characteristics of the grate cooler system", resulting in low fan current and poor work performance.

  2) the center line of the crank at both ends of the secondary transmission spindle is out of sync, which leads to the failure of both sides of the connecting rod to reach the front and rear dead point at the same time, resulting in large additional load.

  3) the welded channel steel joint bearing on the side shell of the second fixed beam, with the thickness of the steel plate being 12mm, will deform under the action of alternating load, resulting in the change in the position of the fixed beam and dimensional interference between the fixed beam and the movable beam during operation.

  4) during the normal operation of the equipment, serious segregation phenomenon of coarse and fine clinker is found in the cooling machine inlet through the inspection door;

  In the two corners of the clinker thickness is very thin, cold air without sufficient preheating, directly channeling up.

  5) there are red ribbons on both sides of the first and second sections, and there is almost no surging and churning phenomenon in the clinker layer of the first section.

  2.2 corrective maintenance measures

  1) the demolition of the existing fixed bed $15 NBR1330 inclined seam grate plate, fixed bed Angle by 17 ° modification for the 13 °;

  Reposition the 7 air cannons;

  The grate plate is changed into a multi-step grate plate, and still consists of three grate plates to form an inlet fixed bed.

  2) remove all the grate plates in the first section (including 72 4052 control grate plates, 16 4052K control grate plates and 48 4052A control grate plates) and replace them with gas-filled box grate plates and air chamber grate plates.

  3) four sets of flexible deflection devices for the direct air supply of movable grate plates are removed, and the corresponding grate plates are modified from direct air supply to air supply of the air chamber;

  The pouring material at the entrance is shaped like a horseshoe;

  The grate bed is narrowed appropriately, and the corresponding position of the grate bed is equipped with a narrowed grate plate, whose distribution is shown in figure 3.

  4) framework for activities through wind chamber wall place for the activities of the reciprocating motion frame around the hoop and the stillness of the partition board aperture, adopts Φ 0.06 mm SUS316 stainless steel microfilament, manufacturing into 8 mm thick, 25 mm wide, shading brush as static seal.

  5) for the place where the bottom of the grate zipper machine (with material section) passes through the partition wall of the air chamber, a new type of elastic compression seal is formed by superimposing heat-resistant conveyor belt and stainless steel ultra-thin plate, so as to achieve the dual purpose of conveying fine clinker powder and locking air.

  6) remove all beams in the second section.

  The independent fixed beam supports are remanufactured from 25mm steel plate and the upper plane of these supports is leveled by a horizontal communicator.

  After removing all the beams in the second section, it was found that the camber of the movable frame was up to 39mm, which was corrected on site and properly strengthened.

  7) re-air the grate cooler

  Remove the original 57.07b fan and replace it with a new 6-16no15d fan, and improve the maintenance of the remaining 11 fans on site.

  The distribution of all the fan supply areas is adjusted again, as shown in figure 3.


  (1) change the fan supply duct, accurately adjust the supply area;

  (2) field improvement maintenance 57.04 11 fan, maximize the mining of the potential capacity of the existing fan, improve the fan output;

  (3) carry out on-site dynamic balance calibration of the fan;

  (4) reduce fan inlet resistance.

  3 maintenance effect

  The project started on June 1, 2013, with 20 people working in two shifts for 10 days.

  Effects after operation:

  1) the coarse and fine clinker particles are effectively homogenized with the help of horseshoe-shaped castable at the entrance of the cooler;

  2) after the narrowing of grate bed and the improvement of fan performance, the operation of thick material layer is realized;

  3) the second and third air temperature increases greatly, which greatly improves the operability of the kiln system. Even in case of system fluctuation, the adjustment reaction speed is quite rapid compared with the previous one;

  4) 3d compressive strength of clinker is improved due to enhanced quenching of clinker;

  5) the clinker temperature of the grate cooler is significantly reduced, and the consumable consumable parts of subsequent conveying, metering and grinding equipment are significantly reduced;

  6) into the kiln head settlement of AQC furnace chamber temperature increase of about 80 ℃, tons of clinker output increased;

  7) after adjusting the air distribution, the power capacity of the fan is improved, and the electricity consumption of a ton of clinker is increased by about 1kWh/t.

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