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Safety operation of roller crusher

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  The roller crusher is suitable for crushing medium and fine hardness materials such as limestone, slag, coke and coal in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and building materials industries.The roller crusher is mainly composed of roller wheel, roller supporting bearing, pressing and adjusting device and driving device.The following xiaobian briefly introduces the operation of the roller crusher need to pay attention to several aspects.

  First, preparation,

  1. Check whether all parts are complete and intact.

  2. Check whether the safety device, lighting and signal are intact.

  3, check whether the amount of oil is enough, add oil to the right amount, oil quality to clean, maintain good lubrication.

  4. Check whether there are foreign bodies in the roller crusher.

  5. Check whether the buffer device is flexible and reliable, whether the load pin is intact, and whether the dust and spray device works.

  Second, the operation

  1. The crusher must be started without load.

  2. After receiving the starting signal, start to accept the material and equipment first, and then open the crusher. After the current drops to the normal value, the crusher will be put into formal operation, and at the same time spray dust control.Check whether the temperature of the motor and the bearing is normal, whether the current indication is within the required range, and whether there is any abnormality in the running sound of the toothed roller crusher. If any accident or hidden danger is found, stop the motor immediately and send an emergency stop signal to the dispatching central control room and related posts.

  3, check whether the amount of oil is enough, add oil to the right amount, oil quality to clean, maintain good lubrication.

  4. Check whether the particle size meets the requirements, and report and deal with the serious oversize phenomenon in time.

  Thrid, parking

  1. Stop feeding the crusher after receiving the stop signal;Stop the machine only when the crushed material is empty, stop the dust-proof spray at the same time, and send the stop signal to the relevant post.

  2, the accident stop should also be cleared of the material before starting.

  3. Check and maintain the equipment after parking.

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