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The perfect combination of crusher and excavator, so that th

  China's solid waste production continues to grow, and the situation of solid waste pollution prevention and control is increasingly severe, among which construction waste alone generates about 1.8 billion tons annually in China.

  Moreover, China's recycling rate of construction waste is less than 10%.

  That is to say, a large amount of construction waste is buried or piled up in nature, which not only damages our living environment, but also takes up a lot of land resources!

  However, today's car less to introduce things to you, is expected to ease the current situation in our country!

  It was made by foreigners with an open imagination

  Bucket mobile crusher

  The excavator-like machine was fitted with a crusher where it was supposed to be fitted with a bucket.



  Use it to deal with construction waste, it is not too easy!

  An abandoned electricity pole easily separates the steel from the concrete.



  And most importantly, it can crush large, unwieldy pieces of concrete into small pieces, even powder.

  This for the reuse of construction waste, or natural degradation, can play a very good role in helping!



  On this basis, foreigners also made a screening bucket, in order to achieve the construction waste classification, screening and the final recycling work!



  It can be said that if the artifact, then can greatly reduce the cost of construction waste treatment and environmental pollution.

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