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Analysis and solution of the reason why the output of a lime

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  Our company has three 5000t/d clinker production lines, and the limestone crushing system is equipped with two *** P* 202 single-end hammer crushers. The output size is below 65mm, and the yield can be stable around 780t/h when the pass rate is above 80%.

  But on May 3, 2 # crusher in 2014 after replacing hammer head, production appear abnormal phenomena have been and will not come up, production to about 650 tons, the feed roller motor appears normal operation of the superfluid, crusher motor operating frequency was forced by 38 ~ 39 hz to 32 ~ 33 hz, production can only be maintained at between 600 ~ 650 t/h, the serious influence the normal operation of the roller mill with uncooked raw and process quality control.

  After the equipment technical personnel to find out the reasons in detail, and take measures to solve the problem.

  I. production phenomenon

  May 3, zero shift, the crusher position workers found that 2# crusher output particle size is too large, and then reported to the branch plant leadership.

  Considering that the sledge hammer head has been used for flanging for 3 times and the front edge of the hammer head is badly worn, it is decided to stop the machine and organize the mechanic to replace the newly purchased hammer head. The hammer head has been weighed and numbered one by one.

  During the replacement process, the assembly of the hammer head is strictly implemented in accordance with the technical requirements of the manual. However, after starting up and running, the output of the crusher has not been increased. When the output reaches about 650 tons, the motor of the feed roller will have overcurrent and cannot operate normally.

  On May 26, after the no.1 crusher replaced the hammer head purchased in the same batch, a similar problem occurred.

  Ii. Cause analysis

  Impact single end hammer crusher output of many factors, the most common factors are the following: (1) the whole crushing system equipment does not match.

  (2) limestone feed, feed size.

  Limestone grinds easily.

  (4) the soil content of limestone.

  (5) the position of the counterattack board.

  The degree of wear and tear of the broken plate tooth shape.

  7 the gap size between the broken plate and the rotor working circle.

  8) the degree of wear and tear of the hammer head.

  By replacing hammer crusher of entered production, quality is normal, the problem appeared in just after replacing hammer head, so we first rule out the factors (1), (3), end up, then check that the mining face, crusher discharge hole and discharging perforated strainer, ruled out factors (2) and (4), finally replaced tooth wear crushing plate, will fight back plate location and crushing plate and round to adjust the gap between the rotor work, but after boot operation, production will not come up, still ruled out factors (5, 6, 7, the focus back to the new change of hammer head.

  We carefully measured the size of each part of the newly replaced hammer head, and found that the newly purchased front edge arc surface of the hammer head is 360mm wide, which is 20mm wider than the original hammer head. The size of other parts is consistent with the original hammer head size.

  This crusher is an inverted hammer crusher. As shown in figure 2, the hammer head is in the upper chamber, and it mainly strikes the materials by a circle in the area, namely "corner strikes the materials".

  The material is broken through the impact of the material on the counteracting lining plate and the collision between the material. Then the hammer head is brought into the crushing plate and grate working area to continue to be hit and crushed until it is discharged from the lower cavity when it is smaller than the grate size.

  In hammer hammer total length is 469 mm, shaft to the front edge length is 324 mm consistent case, the front edge of the curved surface is wider, hammer head struck the location of the material, the more tend to the bottom of the hammer head, that is changed from "Angle and material" to "corner struck scraper + base", the material is not easy to be break, and the hammer head a circle area 2 is the more likely it is to bring the material to the feeding roller, make the material in the crushing cavity of prolonged, feed roller motor load increases, jump stop, resulting in crusher and not on the production.

  Iii. Solutions

  It is precisely because of the width of 20mm that in the process of increasing the amount of feed, the hammer head will hit the other side of the material and bring the material to the feeding roller, causing the overload of the feeding roller motor to stop.

  In this case, if the two sets of hammer heads are replaced immediately, the direct loss will be very large, so we finally decide to use the hammer heads with flanging in advance.

  3 days after the hammer head of # 1 crusher is turned over, the motor frequency of the crusher can be increased from 31HZ to 38HZ, and the output is stable at about 780t/h.

  2 days after the hammer head of # 2 crusher is turned over, the motor frequency of the crusher is also increased from 32HZ to 37HZ, and the output is stable at about 760t/h

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