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Crusher three common troubleshooting methods

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  Crusher equipment is the main mining equipment, mainly for different sizes of stone crushing, crusher equipment mainly jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, double roll crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher.

  Because the crusher working environment is harsh and the pressure strength is large, it is necessary for users to master the crusher common troubleshooting methods, here to introduce the three common crusher troubleshooting methods.

  •   Three major crusher faults

  1. Maintenance of bearing faults

  2, shaft fault repair

  3, stator and rotor core fault maintenance

  Bearing failure repairs worn parts

  The shaft is supported by the bearing rotation, so it is a heavy load of its own parts, but also easy to wear parts.

  (1) fault inspection

  Inspection during operation: the rolling bearing is short of oil, and the sound of "guelu guelu" will be heard;

  If a discontinuous "stem" sound is heard, it may be bearing ring rupture.

  Bearing mixed with sand and other debris or bearing parts have a slight wear, will produce a slight noise.

  Inspection after removal;

  First review the crusher bearings rolling body, inner and outer steel ring to see if there is any breakage, rust, scar, etc., and then hold bearing inner ring with the hand, and makes the bearing enough, another hand push outside rims, if the bearing is good, the outer steel ring should be steady running, no obvious vibration and rotation of card lag phenomenon, after a halt outside rims no setback.

  Otherwise the bearing is no longer usable.

  The left hand to seize the outer ring, the right hand to hold the inner ring, force to a direction, if the push feel very loose, it is serious wear and tear.

  (2) fault repair: the rust spot on the bearing surface can be erased with sandpaper and then put into gasoline for cleaning;

  Or bearing cracks, inner and outer ring rupture or excessive wear of the bearing, should be replaced by a new bearing.

  When replacing a new bearing, use the same type of bearing as the original.

  Shaft trouble shooting

  (1) axle diameter wear: when the axle diameter wear is small, a layer of chromium can be plated on the axle diameter, and then grinding to the required size;

  More wear, can be in the shaft diameter for surfacing, and then to the lathe cutting polish;

  If the axle diameter wear is too large, also turn 2-3nn on the axle diameter, and then turn a sleeve, hot sleeve on the axle diameter, and then turn to the required size.

  (2) bending: if the crusher does not bend too much, it can be repaired by polishing the shaft diameter and sliding ring;

  If the bending is more than 0.2mm, the rotary shaft can be placed under the pressure machine, in the beat bending pressure correction, the corrected shaft surface with a lathe cutting polish;

  If the bending is too large, a new shaft is needed.

  Stator and rotor core troubleshooting

  Stator and rotor are made of mutually insulated silicon steel laminated, which is the magnetic circuit of the motor.

  The damage and deformation of stator and rotor core are mainly caused by the following reasons.

  (1) crusher bearing excessive wear or poor transfer, resulting in stator and rotor phase friction, so that the surface of the core damage, and cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheet, the motor iron loss increase, the motor temperature rise is too high.

  At this time, files and other tools should be used to remove the burr, eliminate the short connection of the silicon steel sheet, clean it up and then apply the insulation paint, and heat and dry it.

  (2) when the old winding is removed, excessive force will cause the tooth groove to be skewed and open outwards.

  At this time, tools such as needle-nosed pliers and wooden hammer should be used for dressing to make the tooth groove reset, and hard insulating materials such as green shell paper and bakelite board should be added between the gap silicon steel sheets with poor reset.

  (3) the core surface is corroded due to dampness and other reasons.

  At this point with sandpaper grinding clean, clean after coated with insulation paint.

  (4) high heat is generated around the ground to burn down the core groove or tooth.

  Usable the tool such as chisel or scraper will melt deposit eliminate clean, besmear goes up insulator paint is dried.

  (5) the connection between the iron core and the machine base is loose, and the original positioning screws can be tightened.

  If the positioning screw fails, the positioning hole can be re-drilled and tapped on the machine base to tighten the positioning screw.

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