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How to maintain the crusher lining plate?

Lining plate is one of the accessories of jaw crusher, mainly used to protect the jaw crusher simplified body, relatively easy to wear, in a certain period, must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the use efficiency of equipment, increase the load of the machine, reduce the output.

Jaw crusher lining plate wear at the beginning, the tooth plate can be used, or the upper and lower two head.
Jaw plate wear, mostly in the lower middle, when the tooth height wear off 3/5, that is, the root need to replace a new liner.
When the lining plates on both sides wear out 2/5, they need to be replaced.

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1. Reduce the surface roughness of lining plate

Reducing the surface roughness of the lining plate is an effective way to improve the anti-fatigue wear ability. The surface roughness of the lining plate is related to the contact stress on the surface of the lining plate. Generally, when the contact stress or the surface hardness of the lining plate is high, the surface roughness of the lining plate is low.

2. Shape of liner

The test of smooth surface liner shows that under the same condition, the productivity and service life are increased by about 40% and 50% respectively.
However, the crushing force increased by about 15%, and the particle size of the broken product could not be controlled, and the power consumption increased slightly.
Therefore, for the broken laminated materials, the product particle size is higher, should not be used in the smooth lining board, for the crushing corrosive very hard materials, in order to extend the life of the lining board, also can be used in the smooth lining board.

3. Selection of lining material

Existing jaw crusher used by the lining plate, is generally the use of ZGMn13, its characteristics are: under the impact load, has the surface hardening, forming a hard and wear resistant surface, but also can maintain the original toughness of its inner metal, it is a jaw crusher used in the most common wear resistant materials.

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