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Cement kiln collaborative solid waste disposal center projec

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  The collaborative solid waste disposal center of general cement kiln is a newly built project, which belongs to the category of centralized solid waste disposal, water conservancy, environment and public facility management (N category) and encouraging category respectively in the catalogue of classified management of environmental protection for construction projects, the catalogue of national economy and industry (GB/ t4754-2002) and the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment.

  The project adopts the world's leading third-generation waste treatment technology and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It has obtained three utility model patents, three invention patents and the European Union invention patents.

  Through the national scientific and technological achievements evaluation, obtained the ministry of industry and information technology scientific and technological achievements registration certificate.

  In the field of similar technology, the technology has reached the leading level in China.

  I. project background

  National environmental protection policies and punishments have been gradually strengthened: in recent years, new environmental protection policies have been launched continuously, and a series of vigorous and resolute environmental protection actions have cut off illegal export channels of solid waste, especially hazardous waste, such as trans-regional dumping and illegal dumping.

  For example, in July 2018, guangdong and guangxi announced the establishment of the country's first joint prevention and control system for illegal transfer of hazardous waste across provinces, and intensified efforts to crack down.

  The solid waste disposal capacity of the whole society lags behind seriously: many enterprises are asking about the solid waste disposal channels and urgently looking for someone to receive them.

  In some cities, some enterprises can also be seen on the Internet platform to consult, hoping to seek help from the government.

  According to statistics from the ministry of industry and information technology, China's cement kiln collaborative solid waste disposal has a total historical storage of more than 60 billion tons, covering an area of more than 2 million hectares.

  The problem of coordinated disposal of solid waste from cement kilns has become a serious constraint to the development of local industrial economy and the improvement of people's living environment.

  Ii. Project advantages

  The world's first proposal for external pyrolysis gasification technology of waste:

  1. The combined generation and treatment method of garbage carbon and gas and its production line (hereinafter referred to as the project) adopt the external pyrolysis, in which the garbage is pyrolyzed and carbonized in the anoxic or anoxic enclosed high temperature rotary furnace body, and the bioxin mixed in the combustible gas is completely decomposed, thus solving the problem of secondary pollution.

  2. The heat source is recycled and reused, and no additional fuel heating is required.

  3. There is no metal fatigue caused by local high-temperature combustion, meeting the requirements of continuous production.

  4. For municipal solid waste, industrial waste and sludge with high water content, low calorific value and no classification, carbon gas co-generation cracking treatment method can also be adopted.

  Iii. Investment budget and capital sources

  The first phase construction investment of the project is RMB 38 million yuan, and the capital source is self-owned capital, and no capital allocation is required.

  Iv. Land demand

  The first phase of the project covers an area of 3400 square meters (about 5 mu), which can be rented or sold.

  V. project construction

  The project will be designed and constructed jointly by China, Britain and Germany and will be built according to the standards of the three countries

  Acceptance of the general cement kiln collaborative solid waste disposal center.

  The treatment scale is 500 tons/day (182,500 tons/year).

  The construction period of the project is 4 months, the core technology is the project party's own technology, and other parts and equipment will be tendered by the three parties of China, Britain and Germany.

  VI.Social and economic benefits

  1. Social benefits

  This project focuses on the idea of ecological city construction, takes full account of environmental impact, construction positioning, crowd demand and other aspects, attaches importance to ecological environment protection and construction, increases and strengthens the function of crowd gathering, and creates a beautiful livable and livable environment.

  The construction of this project will definitely make the location of the project become a successful model of urban ecological construction, a successful demonstration of creating a beautiful urban landscape, and a project for the people's livelihood that is beneficial, beneficial and convenient for the citizens to truly enjoy the well-being.

  2. Economic benefits

  The direct tax revenue per mu of the project is about 1.42 million yuan/year, which directly drives the local solid waste transportation revenue to reach 25.2 million yuan/year.

  With the help of the national key environmental protection practical technology promotion, the target is to dispose 1,000 tons of waste per day in three years, and the target is to dispose 100,000 to 150,000 tons of waste per day in five years, with the output value exceeding 10 billion yuan.

  3. Environmental benefits

  1) promote the sound development of regional ecology and improve air quality;

  2) protect the ecological environment and make it gradually develop in a benign way;

  3) improve people's health.

  Vii. Landing conditions

  1. The land is in line with the siting principle of environmental protection projects.

  2. Capable of project approval, construction and operation as soon as possible.

  3. Local governments can speed up the process of environmental protection approval.

  4. There should be the necessary electricity supply.

  For waste treatment plants that use waste power generation, heating and other post-service products, they should be easily connected to the regional power network, heating pipe network and so on.

  5. Some local industries will produce industrial solid wastes such as plastics, leather scraps and paper mill sludge, and the scale will exceed 500 tons/day.

  6. The implementation of environmental protection policies is in place: according to the environmental protection law, industrial waste cannot be treated together with domestic waste, so the local waste incinerator cannot deal with industrial solid waste and needs professional disposal.

  7. Good local business environment.

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