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100 tons of limestone production line, what are the crushing

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  The price of sand and gravel has soared. From 70-90 yuan/ton in some areas to 120-140 yuan/ton today, the number of large and small enterprises producing sand and gravel industry in the country has exceeded 13,000. Tons, when the production of dozens of tons, the business is in full swing.



  1. Configure the actual situation of the user in the previous period.

  According to the analysis of the local situation of the users, Luoyang Xin'an belongs to the hilly area. The local area is more famous as limestone mine, and the mountain road is not very good. The mining area has a large production location. Facing the local situation, users are advised to choose a fixed limestone production line.



  2. Equipment configuration scheme of the production line

  Brief introduction of the limestone production line with a production capacity of 100 tons:

  Feed particle size: ≤210mm

  Finished product specification: 0-5mm

  Equipment configuration: 2 sets of PE600X750 jaw crusher, MTK-300 impact sand making machine, 2YK2470 vibrating screen, XSD3016 sand washing machine, conveyor,



  Simple and efficient production of 100 tons of limestone production line with different production results

  1. Larger crush ratio and fusion of two crush modes

  The size of the jaw crusher is up to 210mm. The two machines can easily supply the operation of the high-efficiency sand making machine. The deep cavity sand making, the stone breaking iron and the stone breaking method can quickly and effectively break the material into the required grain size and shape. good looking.

  2, thin oil self-lubricating, strong controllability

  The high-efficiency sand making equipment adopts the method of self-lubricating of thin oil, the controllability of the start and stop of the crushing is strong, and there are protection devices, which can automatically discharge the hard materials.

  3, high quality steel, anti-corrosion

  The wearing parts of all equipment are made of high-quality steel, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant; the sand washing machine motor is separated from the fuselage to prevent water corrosion, increase the service life, humanized design, low power consumption and low investment.



  Investment analysis of 100 tons of limestone production line

  1. Equipment input cost

  According to the configuration of the above production line, the total needs are less than 900,000. Of course, this is only one of the configuration schemes. The crushing host: the jaw crusher, the sand making machine and the sand washing machine have different models and different crushing methods. There are millions, and there are prices that are lower than this.

  2. Labor and transportation expenses

  In the early stage of the production line, it is necessary to artificially piling and digging trenches, and the production line of 100 tons is required. In the early stage, it takes 20 people and half a month to arrange the site. Before installation, help with the crane. Before the crushing, use the forklift or four-wheeler to transport the materials to the crushing site. After the sand is completed, the materials are transported to the finished product area. According to the local working hours, at least 50,000 to 100,000 yuan is required.

  3. Net profit after the finished product is sold

  From a series of cost budgets for limestone blasting, transportation, sand making, etc., the cost of sand making for one ton of limestone is around 40-60 yuan/ton, the selling price minus the cost price, and the net profit of one ton is 30-50 yuan/ton. The net profit of the day is more than 20,000.

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