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Nissan 1000 tons of active lime rotary kiln

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  The active lime rotary kiln is based on the calcination characteristics of limestone. Based on the technology of the same type of equipment at home and abroad, it has developed a high-quality rotary lime kiln.



  Active lime rotary kiln (optional with vertical preheater and vertical cooler to form energy-saving rotary kiln calcination system) has high raw material utilization rate, complete calcination, uniform quality, good quality, large production capacity, high operation rate, energy saving and environmental protection It is easy to operate and has a long service life. It is also in line with the national environmental protection policy of environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is especially suitable for calcined limestone in metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials industry.

  1. Working principle of 1000 tons of active lime rotary kiln per day

  Limestone is fed into the kiln through the kiln tail (high end) chute. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the cylinder, the limestone rolls along the circumference and moves axially from the kiln tail (high end) to the kiln head (low end); The head end (low end) of the kiln is injected into the kiln through a burner for combustion. The heat is transferred to the limestone by radiation, convection and conduction. After the limestone is calcined into limestone during the moving process, it is discharged from the kiln head end, and the high temperature smoke is discharged. The gas enters the kiln dust removal system from the kiln end.

  2. Advantages of daily production of 1,000 tons of active lime rotary kiln

  (1) Simple operation and reliable operation

  The active lime rotary kiln has a high level of automation. The adjustment, control and alarm of the production system operation are controlled centrally by the PLC in the main control room. The number of on-site operators is low and the labor efficiency is high. It adopts full negative pressure production, smooth air flow, stable production and high safety.

  (2) Energy saving and environmental protection

  The active lime rotary kiln has a simple structure and strong controllability, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. The pulse bag filter is used for dust removal, and the emission concentration is less than 50mg/Nm3, which is lower than the national emission standard, which effectively protects the environment of the production site.

  (3) High production efficiency

  Eliminate the thick rotary kiln skin and rotary kiln kiln ring, expand the effective cross-sectional area of the active lime rotary kiln, the clinker production capacity is generally increased by more than 10%, and the active lime rotary kiln operation rate is increased by more than 10%.

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Active lime is produced from limestone dolomite chalk and other minerals with high calcium carbonate content by the calcination process under the temperature of 1000-1100 ° C. There are various processes for the active lime production mainly

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